Sunday, January 7, 2018

I Love You Awesome Nerds

Bro and V came over to my house a little bit early on NYE so we could see "Pitch Perfect3" before heading out to Anaheim.  We all love the Pitch Perfect movies, because, HELLO, A CAPPELLA!  We'd seen the second one together, so we were finishing out the trilogy (and 2017) together, too.  I was excited to use my AMC Stubs perk to upgrade to a large popcorn because that bucket is too big for just me.  Somehow we finished it together.

We're Back, Pitches!

  • Wait.  Is this an action movie now?
  • So do they all share that one bed?  Or maybe just Beca and Amy?  That place is tiny.
  • Aw, no Jesse?  I'm so depressed.
  • I liked the New Barden Bellas' "Sit Still, Look Pretty". I also thought their outfits were cute.
  • Fave song of the film is "Freedom 90 x Cups".  I love the George Michael "Freedom 90" and they did it justice.
  • Not enough a cappella for me.  I get that the point was for them to excel above acts with instruments, but I still wanted more a/c.
  • "We like to keep it oral."
  • Loved all of the fun of the riff off, with the country band singing stuff out of their genre.
  • "Evermoist?  More like Never Moist."
  • My favorite USO outfit was the red/white striped halter top with the blue jeans.  Not that I could pull that off, because *horizontal stripes*.  
  • Wasn't fond of Lithgow's Australian accent.  Maybe because Rebel Wilson's is real, so his is clearly not.
  • Loved seeing Amy kick butt on the yacht.
  • Nice to see behind-the-scenes clips from all 3 movies during the credits.

This was fun, but I still prefer the original.  You know I'm going to watch it over and over again, though, right?  It's a cappella!

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