Sunday, January 7, 2018

Beauty and the Beast in the Water

After we watched the Rose Parade on New Year's Day, we went to El Torito for brunch.  Actually, it was probably lunch because of the food offerings, but I made it brunch when I put bacon in my taco.  I know I have bacon at lunch, too, but I wanted some sort of breakfast.  I said I didn't really have any plans for the day, and we thought of seeing a movie.  Bro was "all movied out", but somehow V convinced him to see "The Shape of Water", so onward we went, back to AMC Santa Anita.  No, I did not order another huge bucket of popcorn; we were still full from lunchy brunch.  Bro didn't realize so many people would want to watch the film, as the theater was almost full when we arrived, but I had bought our tickets ahead of time because I knew it was getting good reviews from critics and the public.

  • The score by Alexandre Desplat is beautiful.  And now he's won a Golden Globe.  Congratulations!
  • I want to meet that creature guy.  He seems nice.  He's also glow-y.
  • Wondering if Liz has seen this yet and understands what the egg timer was for when she got it as a promotional item.  Because...yeah....eggs, I guess.  I got a long-sleeved shirt and wore it to the movie.
  • Octavia Spencer is awesome as usual.  "She said, 'Thank you'."  (That's not what she said).
  • Sally Hawkins does a wonderful job without using mostly her facial expressions.
  • "When he looks at me, he doesn't know how I am incomplete."
  • V asked what else Michael Shannon was in, because she only remembers him playing bad guys.  I forgot, too, and didn't check online before I remembered: General Zod.  He does play baddies well.
  • I really liked the humour Richard Jenkins added to the movie.  "I mean, he ate a cat, so..."
  • "No, no, don't play with the kitties."
  • Strickland's fingers:  Eeeeewww.
  • How did she know that he would like eating eggs?
  • When she started singing, does that mean that he had been healing her?
  • Beautifully done.  Yes, it's weird, but it was beautifully weird.
I'm glad I have my shirt, because I liked this movie.  Nice way to start 2018.

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