Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Batman In The Mirror

I used my free movie pass today to see "The LEGO Batman Movie". YAY!  Finally!  All of this Oscars business made me miss opening weekend, so I didn't want to wait anymore.  Linda joined me, and I'm glad she did because we could laugh together.

  • "Black."  First word of the movie, and I was already giggling.
  • "Yeah, I've got an extra ab."
  • "Iron Man sucks."
  • That popcorn was huge.
  • Why is he still wearing his cowl when he's wearing his bathrobe?
  • The "Superman" theme as the doorbell at the Fortress of Solitude is awesomesauce.
  • Justice League Dance Party!  Wonder Woman used her lasso to dance!
  • All of the different bat suits, and Alfred wearing Adam West's.  YES.
  • Heh.  "Harvard For Police".
  • Enjoyed all of the different references to other incarnations of Batman.  Especially when the ones referencing the TV series' theme song.
  • All of those villains.  OMG, so random.  Gremlins, Jurassic dinos, King Kong, Sauron, Agent Smith, and more!
  • I love that Voldemort pretty much only knows "Wingardium Leviosar".  Too bad Ralph Fiennes couldn't play both Alfred and Voldemort.  That would have been fun.
  • "Sorry, my pants are attached to my shoes."
  • Nightwing!
  • "B Go."  Love it.   Yay, Batgirl!!!
  • "Shamon"
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, and look forward to seeing it again.  I think I need that soundtrack, too.

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