Sunday, March 12, 2017

She's Very Much Like You

I went to the movie theater to see "Logan", thinking that I would be seeing the 10:30 show in the Dolby theater.  I asked for a ticket for "Logan in Dolby".  After I got my snack, I went to the theater, and the sign said "9:30 Logan".   Two other women were about to go in, and I said, "That should be 10:30, right?"  We figured that the theater hadn't adjusted everything for Daylight Savings yet, because they were having issues with their scanning system at concessions for AMC Stubs.  They kindly opened the doors for me, and as we walked into the theater, we realized that the movie had already started...45 minutes ago.  So we went to Guest Services.  The women had bought their tickets online the night before, and at the time, the website said that the movie would start at 10:30.  I looked at my ticket and realized that when I paid for my ticket at the window, I was given a ticket for the 12:45 show.  Ohhhh.  The AMC guy apologized for all of the confusion, gave us refunds, and offered a free ticket to the 10:30 show in Standard format.  We all agreed.  By the time I got into the theater, about 80% of the seats were already taken, but since I was attending solo, I was able to get a seat.  Phew!  
  • Well, that was violent.  Like, beheadings and stuff.
  • Loved all of the "Logan" posters during the Deadpool segment.  "He just wears a tank top and jeans."
  • Opening line: "What the f**k?" Yup, it's rated R all right.
  • Oh, Stephen Merchant!  I recognized his voice but couldn't figure out the actor because of all of the makeup.  
  • Well, that was violent.  Like, beheadings and stuff.
  • The comic books.  The Wolverine action figure.  Made me smile.
  • "I always know who you are.  I just sometimes don't recognize you."
  • "...and this is Chuck."
  • "This is what life looks like.  People love each other.  You should take a moment.  Feel it.  You still have time." <beat> "Okay."
  • Sir Patrick Stewart made me cry with his last monologue.  Hugh Jackman made me cry with his last lines, too.  
  • "Beware the light."
  • "NOT okay!"
  • Dafne Keen did a great job as Laura.  I liked how her eyebrows kind of perked up when she was eating her cereal and bracing herself for all of the bad guys coming to get her.  Also, when she started yelling all of he kids' names at Logan.  Plus, she's a badass.
  • The growling from both Laura and Logan.  Rrrawwwrrrr!
  • The kids giggling when they trimmed his beard.  "That's not funny!"
  • Me, in my inside voice (I think): "The babies! Don't hurt the babies!"  I was a little emotional about the kids being in danger.
  • "So this is what it feels like."
  • The X as the grave marker.  
  • I did not go into this expecting to cry buckets of tears.  My goodness gracious.  Great movie.

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