Friday, November 25, 2016

More Than 76 Trombones

SCSBOA 6A Field Show Championships
Citrus College Stadium
Glendora, CA
Saturday, November 19, 2016

I attended the Arcadia Festival of Bands in the morning and we did our tradition of watching the Apache Marching band and listening to the cadence while walking with them back to the high school. 

We only watched some of the other bands.  Bro and the kids had other plans to attend to, so I decided to leave, too, so that I could have lunch and go to Citrus for my volunteer time. I worked the souvenir booth for AFOB, but there wasn't much to sell except programs.  We usually also sell pins and patches, but the vendor got confused and didn't think the event was until next week.  So we pretty much sat at the table while the woman in charge of the pins/patches took orders from folks.  We did put inserts in the programs and sold some, but I wasn't bored because I had the company of other volunteers.  We had pins and patches from previous years, and I saw one from 1988 that said "West Arcadia Band Review" and bought it for nostalgia's sake.  I don't even know if I attended that one because I would have been at college during that time...or I already have this pin.  I don't know. It makes me happy anyway.

Due to my volunteer shift, I missed the first set of bands.

LOS OSOS -- "Over The Moon"
This show reminded me Blue Devils B's 2016 show because of the phases of the moon on their screens.   I like the purple and yellow on the color guard uniforms.  Nice musical dynamics.

RANCHO BUENA VISTA -- "Once Upon a Time..."
Is that cauliflower?  This show is like Blue Devils' 2015 show "Ink" with the storytelling and the huge book from which the CG entered through the pages.  Beautiful flute solo during "Pure Imagination".

RANCHO BERNARDO -- "Hemispheres"
Am I the only one that's tire of hearing "Pure Imagination"? Nice sax solo, though.  Nice rendition of "Young Person's Guide".  Their screens represent the left and right sides of the brain with formulas on one side of the field and colorful patterns on the other.

SAVANNA -- "Weight of the World"
The show seemed short, even though it didn't really interest me.  Oh, it was an original composition, which makes sense now because I didn't recognize the music.  The huge globe reminded me of Blue Knights' Circles show.

ARCADIA -- "A Rose By Any Other Name"
OK, you know I'm going to be biased because this is my school.  I'm also biased because I love Tchaikovsky's "Romeo and Juliet".  I hadn't watched the show on youTube because I wanted to see it in person first.  And now I want to see it again, please.  I like how they start on opposite corners of the field as Capulets and Montagues face off.  Beautiful!  Loved the parasols!  Music was played at an outstanding level.  This is just a really, really lovely show.

CHINO -- "The Concrete Jungle"
I like the reveal of the shiny purple flags.  Nice visuals like when they are trying to pop through the silver screens and the reveal of the color pattern, even though I don't actually like the pattern.  Uh oh: green sperm ribbon things.  They have colored SCV trees.

Overheard:  "Why are you guys called the 77th Cavalry?  Is it because you guys have more brass?"
Sher's inside voice: "WHAT?!"
Bro's response to my text because I couldn't contain my inside voice: "More than 76 trombones?"

ETIWANDA -- "Lost"
I don't like those uniforms. They're too busy.  The lady singing needs to enunciate the 1st "T" in "Enchantment".  Smoke comes out of the chimney when they put the witch in the oven.  I like those flame flags.  Oh, they're going to London for New Year!  Neat!  

MOUNT CARMEL -- "Discover the Ancient Skies"
That's a really nice show!  Ooh, partial star formation!  Cool, glowing star and orbs on sticks.  Nice double flags at the end.  I like the simplicity of hte show and I really like the musical arrangement.  How could I not?  It's got Holst's "Planets" and everything.

I did not stick around to wait 40 minutes for the scores because my butt was numb due to not bringing my SCV blanket.  

Results, thanks to World of Pageantry:

CLASS 6A (Arcadia Festival of Bands)
91.45 Mt Carmel
91.35 Chino
88.95 Etiwanda
88.70 Arcadia
87.90 Savanna
86.85 Los Osos
86.80 Rancho Buena Vista
85.30 Rancho Bernardo
81.75 Riverside King
81.60 Rowland
80.00 El Dorado
77.80 Mira Mesa

   94.50 Mt Carmel
   92.50 Chino
   91.00 Rancho Buena Vista
   88.00 Arcadia
   86.00 Rancho Bernardo
   85.50 El Dorado
   84.25 Etiwanda
   83.50 Savanna
   82.75 Los Osos
   82.50 Mira Mesa
   81.50 Rowland
   79.50 Riverside King

   94.50 Etiwanda
   93.50 Arcadia
   93.00 Rowland
   91.75 Chino
   91.50 Los Osos
   90.50 El Dorado
   89.50 Rancho Buena Vista
   88.00 Mira Mesa
   87.00 Rancho Bernardo
   86.75 Mt Carmel
   85.50 Riverside King
   85.00 Savanna

Visual Perf - 186 Chino
Visual Effect - 178 Chino
Music Effect - 185.5 Arcadia

Music Perf - 375 Arcadia

Way to go with the music categories, Apaches!  Congratulations!

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