Sunday, November 27, 2016

I Want A Thunderbird

To catch up on the movies I wanted to see in the theater, I saw "Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them" today.  I guess I got the time wrong for the LFX theater and was there about an hour early, so I went shopping and found a couple of things for Christmas gifts after I bought my ticket.  I was the first to choose my seat.  Yay!    Even after shopping, I was still early, so I sat in the theater as soon as it was available.  I was only alone for a short time before other people sat down.  Then a family sat down right next to me.  No, the theater was NOT full.  Seats were reserved.  What kind of psycho buys seats right next to another person when there are plenty of seats available?  I guess someone that has no issues with personal space.  I mean, the row behind me had plenty of seats available.  Or just leave one seat open between us.  Can you tell that I was annoyed?   I'm just glad they didn't talk during the show.

  • I like the title logo. So cool.
  • The opening sequence was kind of dizzying with all of the rotations of the newspapers that I wanted to read.  I'm glad that I didn't watch it in 3D.
  • I heart Eddie Redmayne.  I really, really do.  This movie made me heart him even more than I did before.  I loved how he always had his head down, especially in the presence of the larger beasts, as he portrays Newt as a humble man.
  • "My philosophy is if you worry, you suffer twice."
  • There's a wizarding school in the USA.  Cool.  Wish they would have gone to the Tri-Wizard Tournament. I would have liked to see some sassy Ilvermorny Americans in the mix.
  • HIPPO!!!!!  (I almost said that out loud in the theater, I was so excited).
  • Wait.  One of the songs they played was The Mills Brothers? "Diga Diga Doo" --  I need to listen for it when I see it again.
  • I want to eat all of the kinds of baked goods in Jacob's suitcase.  Also in the store.
  • "I ain't got the brains to make this up."
  • I think my favorite beast was the Thunderbird.  I wouldn't have any space at my house to keep one, though...unless I had a magical suitcase.  I also loved Niffler, but he would just get me into too much trouble with his love for all things shiny.  Demiguise was really cute, but how am I supposed to find him most of the time?  

  • Heeeere's Johnny!  :)
  • I wonder how Jacob explained the collateral to the banker.
I enjoyed this film, and will probably see it lots of times when it is aired on TV, as I do with all of the Wizarding World films.  I'm looking forward to seeing the sequels!

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