Sunday, November 13, 2016

Bring on the Bass Man, Vocalosity!

Saturday, November 12, 2016
Haugh Performing Arts Center - Citrus College
Glendora, CA

Back in August, I had asked Bryant what he'd be doing after he was done with his Rockapella subbing gig in Laguna.  He said that he'd be finishing out his contract with Vocalosity, as well as touring with another vocal group. Wendy saw that Vocalosity would be performing in town in November, so we decided to see Bryant in his other gig.  I'm glad we did!

  • Our seats were front row center.  We weren't close in proximity to the performers, though, because the stage is huge, and they set their monitors about halfway back on the stage, so they didn't use the front portion.
  • Opening a/c group Premiere only did 2 songs in their set, which were both well done. I would have liked to hear a third song, maybe a ballad.
  • I like that they show off their different personalities already in the opening number, Michael Jackson's "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'".
  • They asked us to shout out our favorite band.  Maybe if I had been feeling better, I might have yelled out, "ROCKAPELLA!!!".  Would that have been rude?  I did like the way they showed the evolution of a cappella with Beatles songs.
  • Kelli was my favorite female singer of the group.  I especially liked her rendition of "Fever", and I liked the characters she portrayed.  I also like the tone of her voice: not too high, never shrieky, just right.
  • Tracy's VP solo was fun, as he had the audience play call and response with him.
  • This should be of no surprise: I really liked the VP battle between Tracy, RJ, Bryant, and Sound Man Tony.  
  • The posse and I think that Fred needs to do a surprise VP stint somewhere during Rockapella's show.
  • Whoo!  That "Whole Lotta Love" by Amy and the guys as rock instruments was awesome!
  • The step song that started out the show again after intermission was really cool.
  • "Sound of Music" was hilarious, although there were a couple of intonation problems, which didn't happen very much during the rest of the show, which is why it stood out for me.
  • Bryant mentioned to us afterward that Tony was in The Sing Off, and his group lost to Pentatonix.  I remember rooting for the other group, which was Urban Method.  Now that I see the bios, I know why I recognize Hannah: she was on the show, too! So was Amy, whom was also on The Voice.  (When I was watching her during the rock song, I thought, "She sounds like she's on 'The Voice'."  Must have seen her back when I was watching the show.
  • I loved hearing the different paths to singing that some of the cast shared.  It was quite emotional.  Thank you for sharing that part of yourselves, Nattalyee, Cheeyang, Tracy and Nicole! Nattalyee's "His Eyes Are On The Sparrow" was especially moving.  I love that song.
  • Their encore song, "Fix You", was posted on Facebook last week, so I was really looking forward to it. They did it off mic, and did not disappoint!

Afterward, we talked to Bryant for a little bit, and told him we'd see him with Rockapella in Malibu.  Yay!  

Great show. Thank you, Posse, for going with me and dealing with me and my cold.  :)

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