Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dancing in the Summer

I was listening to Rockapella's "In Concert" CD* today (you know, the one wherein you can hear me "whoo" after scat segments), and there was Kevin, singing "Dancin' in the Streets."

Those of you that are familiar with Kevin's occasional forgotten-lyrics moments all know about the wrong verse being sung during "Tempted" (on this CD), and the wrong part of the refrain during "I'll Hear Your Voice" (on the Live in Japan CD).  

Some of you are also familiar with John's and George's lyric errors during "Up On The Roof."  How is the roof at the top of the hill?  That always ruins the moment for me.

Well, listening to this song has always taken me aback (as opposed to being taken "aforward"), and I couldn't figure out the reason.

Until today.

Here is the lyric that Kevin sings:

"Callin' out around the world
Are you ready for a brand new beat?
Summer's gone and the time is right
For dancin' in the streets"

OK, so here's my problem.

If "summer's gone," why is this now the right time to dance in the streets?  Or is he singing "Summer's come"?  

The original lyric, the way that is sung by Martha and the Vandellas, is
 "Summer's here and the time is right for dancin' in the streets."

Kinda different, Kev.

Because, like, why would I be happy that summer is over?  That's when you're supposed to go back to school.  Well, unless, like the Staples commercial says, "It's the most wonderful time of the year" at back-to-school time, and the dad is dancing through the aisles of the store.  I love that commercial, by the way.  Oh, and Barry Carl has done voiceovers for Staples.  So there's the connection.

ANYWAY, is it the right time for dancin' in the streets because the asphalt isn't too hot in the fall?  Why are they dancing in bare feet outside anyway, then?  That would just be filthy.  Especially in all of those major cities they sing about.  

I know what you're thinking: "Clearly, she's thought about this WAY too much."  Or perhaps you're wondering if I've been drinking some of that leftover sangria that I have yet to blog about. Or maybe my cute shoes fit a little bit too snug today.  But no.  The correct answer is this:  Sherry needs to see Rockapella soon before her brain rots.

6 weeks away ... seems like frickin' forever.  Hurry UP, already!!!

*WOW!  People are asking up to $112.91 for this CD!  My "whoo"s are worth more than I thought!

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  1. LOL. That Kevin! The best line-blunder that Kevin's done is during one of their Mark & Brian appearance wherein he sang a line from "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?" this way:

    "He'll take you for a ride on a mmhmmm... Carolina..."

    Oh, Kevin. :)