Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Let Me Take You on an Escapade

APPARENTLY, I'm attracted to actors who portray criminals trying to escape from prison.

First of all, Wentworth Miller in "Prison Break."  His picture can be found in different rooms in my house, but here's another one.  Just 'cause.  I mean, HELLLLLOOOOO!!!!

Then today I find out that my dreamy Joseph Fiennes was in a film shown at last year's Sundance, titled "The Escapist."  It's available on DVD in London right now, but I'm not there.  The film is supposed to be screened in L.A. beginning April 10, but no showtimes have been scheduled yet.  It will be shown at the Laemmle on Sunset, so I'm hoping that it will come to Pasadena as well.  Not that I wouldn't drive to L.A. to see my man.  

As my friend Aura says,  "Joseph Fiennes = Riiiiippped (that's 'ripped'). Wow."

Wow, indeed, girl.  The trailer can be viewed here.

Here's another picture.

Somebody needs to find this Gap ad for me in print and frame it.  Oh, and give it to me.  Please.  Thank you.

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