Sunday, April 5, 2009

MvA 3D

I saw Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D last weekend.

My thoughts:

  • I like that 3D makes things like animation more realistic.  Yes, there were sight gags, but it IS a kid's movie, after all.  
  • The opening scene where they show Space was awesome.  It earned an "OOOOH!" from Cindy and me.
  • Ginormica is NOT a flattering name for any woman, especially for someone as cute as Reese Witherspoon or her alter ego.
  • Seth Rogen as B.O.B. was hilarious, especially the scene at the party with the Jell-O.
  • I liked that the meteorite landed in Modesto.  I'm going to Fresno in a couple of months, and I only wish that I could see a giant person walking around just to have some entertainment.  OK, maybe not.
  • How many times must the Golden Gate bridge be repaired after all of these monster movies?  No wonder you have to pay a toll.
  • Do ALL United States Generals have Southern accents?  I don't recall Colin Powell speaking that way, but they always have the accents in the movies.  I did like Keifer's voice work, though.  Not Jack Bauer scary, but a different kind of crazy/scary.
  • I like Insectosaurus, and knew that he'd be a plush.  Reese Witherspoon gave one to Ellen Degeneres on her show, and Ellen wasn't sure what to do with him, but it was cute!
  • Galaxhar's suction-feet thingies:  weird, but amusing.  
  • I wanted to maniacally laugh with Dr. Cockroach, PhD.
  • Why did Derek look so much like Conan O'Brien?  Was that on purpose?
  • Yay!  Stephen Colbert finally got to be President!  Lovin' his mad skillz on the keyboard
Fun stuff.  :)

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