Monday, June 5, 2017

You're A Wonder, Wonder Woman

After months of waiting...OK, years of waiting...I wasn't able to see "Wonder Woman" on opening night because I had other stuff going on.  I had to wait until Saturday.  SATURDAY.  That's a long time.  I mean, WW was my superhero when I grew up.  I wanted to be her whenever I watched Lynda Carter spin around to change her clothes.  I was in love with Lyle Waggoner as Steve Trevor.  How could I possibly wait?!?  But I figured I should be awake for this, so I waited.

I checked "To 3D or Not to 3D" on and saw that yes, indeed, this would be a good film to watch in IMAX 3D.  So there I went.

  • Loved seeing young Diana mimic the other Amazonians as they trained.
  • Because I can't love Robin Wright Penn more, right?  What a freaking badass Antiope was!  
  • Gal Gadot is a Goddess. 
  • I saw that "The Little Mermaid" reference!  I half-expected Diana to start singing when she tried to revive Steve. 
  • "It's really hot!"
  • "I would say I'm above average."  I really liked Chris Pine's portrayal of Steve Trevor.
  • Etta trying to hold the shield and the sword.  That's me trying to carry anything awkwardly shaped and heavy.  You know, because I'm often lugging around shields and swords.
  • Love the homage to "Superman: The Movie" in the alley.  I had seen it during the DC panel at WonderCon, too, when director Patty Jenkins showed some clips.  What's even cooler about it is that Diana's outfit is much like Clark Kent's in the 1978 film.
  • No wonder Steve calls it "Paradise Island", other than the probably reason that he can't pronounce "Themyscira".
  • I'm really glad they finally let WW smile after 50% of the movie had passed.
  • "SHIELD!!!"  Badass.
  • I am such a shipper.  Loved the whole swaying/dancing scene.
  • "You should be very proud."
  • So who names her "Wonder Woman"?  And when does she get her invisible jet?
  • There was crying involved.  
To borrow from the film: Thanks, DC, for bringing her back to me.  I hope I can see it again before it leaves theaters, because I loved it!

I posted this video on FB because I had the TV theme song stuck in my head for a couple of days.

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