Sunday, June 25, 2017

SCV Golden Gala

Santa Clara Vanguard 50th Anniversary Gala
Saturday, June 24, 2017
Hyatt Regency
Santa Clara, CA

Bro and I had hotel breakfast and he told me a leprechaun story.  We then drove to Cupertino to meet up with his friend Chun for lunch at Islands.  I had the sliders.  They were yum.  We then went to our hotel and Bro found the perfect parking space:  right next to the SCV souvenir trailer.  
The Fan's Car and The Souvie Trailer

After we checked in and put away our bags, we picked up our early registration materials for the gala.  I was totally digging the tickets showing our meal choice.

Veggie, Beef, Fish, Chicken

Bro and Chun went to BevMo! for bourbon while I unpacked and did my nails.  When they returned, they drank their bourbon and did Bro/Chun stuff while I finished my blog from yesterday before getting ready for the gala.

SCV celebrated their 50th year by holding a gala.  Blue Devils is celebrating their 60th year, and they also held a gala!  We went downstairs and they had balloons.  I volunteered to take pictures with these!  Clearly, I love this corps and risked my sanity by standing by these things even though they kept hitting my head.

I somehow survived this moment.

 We took a look at the memorabilia from both corps.  My favorite items were the color guard uniform from SCV's 1989 Phantom of the Opera show, and my favorite BD flag: the horse head from their 2006 Godfather: Part Blue show.
SCV Flag

1989 Color Guard Uniform
That's a lot of championship rings, yo.

We went inside the ballroom and I bought champagne and shared a few laughs with BD's ScoJo, BD's percussion caption head.  We checked out the auction items, which included a whole bunch of stuff.  I wanted the wine purse, but since it didn't have anything SCV on it, I was able to resist.  I also wanted the wine refrigerator (which came with wine!), but it was beyond my price range already due to online bidding.  I did not want the NBA Golden State Warriors stuff, which was auctioned off live during BD's banquet.  Bro and I took pics with the cool logo backgrounds, which I have yet to figure out how to obtain.  Photographer Phil told us they were free, so I'm hoping we get a note from SCV soon so I can share them.  

When it was time for dinner, SCV and BD split up into adjoining rooms for our separate celebrations.  For everything we had that was red, we wondered if BD had the equivalent in blue.  We loved the table centerpiece topped with an Aussie, SCV's traditional headwear...which they're not wearing this year, so that's kinda weird if you think about it.  We each received a personalized program which included our name and bidding number. 

We were lucky and Voice of DCI Brandt Crocker was our MC.  Speakers included someone from the very first SCV; Rose Parade President Brad Ratliffe; Corps Director Charles Frost; local dignitaries; and the current SCV and SCVC drum majors.  We also saw some videos showing off the new uniforms and snippets of folks talking about the impact of the SCV Experience on their lives.  I liked hearing about how SCV came to be so well known for their class, which started because of someone in SCV being criticized for not having any class due to breaking the Anaheim Kingsmen ranks.  Oops.  Since then, though, SCV's classy reputation endures.  Mr. Frost's presentation included the status of the capital campaign for the new Miss Amana, their nickname for the food truck, as well as the new music facility.  He quickly obtained more donations from folks in attendance, and was happily surprised with the response.  When BD was finally quieted down and ready ("Hush!" Charles said to BD from our side of the wall, rolling his eyes.  "Always."  We all knowingly laughed.  We know he loves them, too), the walls were put away and each side cheered and waved at the other.

The current corps played for their supporters, which was really cool.  The highlights for me, were, of course, Vanguard.  They played "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" and part of "The Canyon".  BD, ever supportive, allowed SCV to finish the evening with "Send in the Clowns."  My video of my favorite portions is of the drum majors, because they were righ next to us, and the corps was around the perimeter of the room and I couldn't get a good view of them without blocking others'.  

I went to the other side for a bit so I could get a picture of all of their championship trophies.

Wow.  That's a lot of trophies.

Then The Tommy Igoe Band started to play.  I saw SCV drum major Chris wandering around, and walked up to him to congratulate him on his performance.  He said thank you and hugged me.  As Bro and I were leaving, we saw Brad Ratliffe and said hello.  I told him how much I enjoyed seeing him participate with all of the bands at Bandfest this year, and thanked him for being at the gala.  He was thrilled to be there because he loves Vanguard.  We were given goodie bags and I was happy with its contents, especially the stemless wine glass (with both anniversary logos), a Zildjian Cymbal pin, a 50 magnet with the SCV shield, and M&Ms with the 50th logo.

We had a great time.  Thank you, SCV, and congratulations on 50 years of excellence!

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