Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hello Again, Hello!

It's been five years since "The Book of Mormon" last graced the Pantages stage.  This June, it was back by popular demand!  I was going to get a ticket via Goldstar, but Liz's next door season seat neighbor wasn't able to attend, so he offered her his ticket, and she offered it to me.  Yay!  Then my friend Jen couldn't use her ticket because she didn't think the show would be appropriate for her younger daughter, so she offered that one to me, too!  So I got to see a show that I love two times in the same week!  Thank you to both of my friends for thinking of me.  

  • This post joins the two performances together.  Both Elder Price and Elder Cunningham were played by different actors in each show.
  • Kevin Clay (Price on Thursday night) resembled original cast member Andrew Rannells so much that I wondered for a while if it was him. He also sounded like him.  I preferred his portrayal over Gabe Gibbs', although Mr. Gibbs did a fine job, and was funnier.
  • I also preferred Thursday's Jordan Matthew Brown's version of Elder Cunningham over Sunday's version played by Conner Pierson's.  I wasn't thrilled about Pierson's speaking voice because it was screechy at times, but he was funny.  Brown also had the Josh Gad hair going on.
  • Leanne Robinson has a gorgeous voice, and it had me close to tears on my second listen.  I'd rather hear hers than the one on the OBC recording.
  • PJ Adzima was probably my favorite cast member.  His portrayal of Elder McKinley had me in stitches.  "I've had that dream before.  Was I in it?"  Yes, you were, dressed in a lot of pink, and you were hilarious!
  • On Thursday, I was in the Orchestra section, at house left, so I didn't get to see some of the stuff on stage.  But Sunday night, I was sitting in the Mezzanine, and got to see Joseph Smith's reactions to Elder Cunningham's telling of his story.  I especially loved when he talked about the frogs, and Smith just threw his hands in the air, like, "What in the actual eff?"
  • Enjoyed the running gag of Cunningham not actually knowing Nabulungi's name: Jon Bon Jovi, Non Bon Jovi, Neosporin, Nicoderm CQ, Necrophilia, and Nala are the ones I remember.
  • Liked the humorously approached seductive dancing for the baptism.  
  • My companions on both nights had never seen the show before, but they all enjoyed it.  Unlike the couple in front of me on Sunday night that left at intermission. I thought I saw them laughing at the beginning, but maybe it became a little too much for them.  Or they wanted to go to Shake Shack.  Whatevs.
  • Oh, food!  Liz and I went to Sushi of Gari, and it was very good.  They had warm washcloths on the table for us to wipe our hands, but Liz still used the restroom and talked about the fancy toilet when she came back.  Owner/chef Gari-san's face was on the tea cups and the chopstick wrapper!  I enjoyed the trout sushi with applesauce on top.  I definitely want to return there.

  • Chef Gari-san on cup

    ,,,and on chopstick wrapper

    Rolls of salmon and eel

    Trout with applesauce and apple slivers

    Liz's salmon with baked tomato

    Brown tea ice cream (made with roasted tea leaves)
  • A great time was had by all.  Thank you for the tickets, everyone!  I have awesome friends.

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