Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sing Out Strong

Even though Miss O had already seen "Sing" the night before, she agreed to help her Tita Sherry with an early birthday celebration by seeing it again with her family.  Thank you, Miss O!
Or should I call her Miss Moana?

  • Proofreading is important.
  • I liked most of the main characters, but Mike the mouse got on my nerves.  I like Seth MacFarlane, but I just couldn't feel anything nice for him because he was such a jerk.  He sang wonderfully, though.
  • Buster drove me a little crazy, too.
  • My favorite character was Taron Egerton's gorilla, Johnny.  I loved his soulfulness, and his story.  I also loved his voice.
  • Those dancing squid walls were awesome.
  • Loved the way Ash's quills shot out at everyone during her song.
  • I enjoyed all of the performances at the end, especially Rosita and Gunter's dance.  
  • I cried a few times.  How can I not cry when it's a movie about singing from your heart, and living your dreams?  I mean, come on!  
  • Johnny's dad escaping to see him made me just lose it and I was sobbing.  Ah, that feeling of when your parent is proud of you!
  • I need the deluxe soundtrack to this movie. 
After the movie, we had Fluff Ice for lunch.  YUM.

Bananaman with my Fluff:
Taro Fluff with mochi, red beans, and
condensed milk

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