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Rockapella in Laguna
Show #6
Saturday, August 27, 2016 -- 2:00 p.m.
Laguna Playhouse
Laguna Beach, CA

Yay!  A Two Rockapella Shows Day!  When I arrived at Lot 17, I couldn't see the gals that were taking money for the parking, because they were on my right side, in the shade.  I texted the Posse to let them know I had arrived, and Weff was just pulling into the lot, so I waited for them and we took the trolley to the Playhouse.  Wendy talked about being chosen to join the guys on stage the other night.  I'm glad that JeffEvs was there, but I was bummed that the rest of the Posse wasn't there to witness it.  Welcome to the Club, Wendy!!!!!  We were happy that when the driver announced what was at our stop, she said, "The Laguna Playhouse, for Rockapella".  "WHOO HOOOOO!!!" we cheered, and promptly exited the trolley.  We had a little bit of time before the show, so we found Nick in the courtyard, and they all agreed to take a walk to the beach with me.  Have I told you how much I love the beach?

I love it THIS much!

It was a bit warm, but we also had some time to freshen up before the show started.  So we kind of had a healthy glow about us as we sat down in our seats, A107-110.  KP was also in the front row, but in a different section.  We did get all of us in this picture, though.

Posse Selfie

Sun Brothers

Sounding good, Calvin!  Mitch sang to a cute little girl in the front row.  As they walked up the steps to the stage, Wendy put a Tweety PEZ dispenser on my lap.  I giggled.  I could not stop giggling.  I'm sure that the guys thought I was just really happy to see them, which I was, but this was just hilarious, and long in the making.  For those of you that are "Seinfeld" fans, remember the episode "The PEZ Dispenser"?  That's what happened to me, except that I didn't laugh so loudly and so much that I needed to leave the theater.  Yes, Wendy has been wanting to do this to me for at least FIVE YEARS.  The best part about it is that it's not actually a Tweety bird, but a Pluto, with a picture of Tweety's head taped to it.  Have I told you how much I love my Wendy Girl? 

The Tweety

The Prankster

What a cheery song about a couple of people that died in a train collision.  I was still giggling about Tweety Bird.  So was Wendy.


By this time, I may have stopped giggling.

Rock Around the Clock
Scott's shiny suit is even shinier under the violet-colored lilghts.

Jailhouse Rock
Love that train whistle.  Thank you for dancing at me, Scott!  That makes me so happy!

Scott: I recognize a lot of friends down there (points to the front row). 
That's us!

Dancing in the Streets
Nice glissando from Mitch on "Eeeeeeverywhere around the world..."

Just My Imagination / Imagine
Bryant stared at Scott while singing the intro, probably admiring his shiny suit, like the rest of us.  Scott's solo was more awesome than usual, if that's even possible.

Satisfaction / Cupid
Bryant did this finger wagging thing at some lady.  As Scott demonstrated how he tries to get girls to become satisfied, he did his dance moves in front of us while quietly saying, "Work it, work it, work it!" which had us practically falling over in laughter.  Scott was ON today.  Wendy asked what the heck I put in their goody bags yesterday.  Just sugar.  Sugar and love.  Are you getting diabetes from how sickly sweet this all is right now?

Scott, as he moved his furniture:  Someone has soiled my custom stool.
Mitch wiped it off for him.  I wonder if those stools were acquired just for the guys?  I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case because the woman that booked them is a huge Rockapella fan.  She is not Cynthia Medina, but that is what we call her.

Moon River
Lady in front row after the song:  Gorgeous!

Scott called Bryant "Mitch".  Oops.  He corrected himself quickly, though.  

Paper Doll
I kept staring at Scott's leg bopping on the stool.  He let out a guttural "UH!", too.  He was really having fun during this show.

Blame It On The Boogie
Scott, do NOT fall down!  Geez, he makes me nervous sometimes.

Wendy, Karla and I were outside when we were signaled that the intermission was ending.  The signal was not like your normal intermission ding dong sounds, but a deeper, clunkier sound.  
Wendy:  Needs more cowbell.

Used Ta Be My Girl
Calvin and Bryant sang to the same little girl that Mitch did at the beginning of the show.  She was busy drinking her water, but still paid attention to the guys serenading her.  Mitch also let out a guttural "UH!"  That was loud.

During Almond Joy I, Scott's smile at Mitch had them all grinning widely.  During the first NBC peacock flourish, the peacock just kept on flying around.  
Scott: That was the moment, the nadir, the pit.  And they loved it.

Scott:  Somebody sent me a message, to my noggin...
He chose the lady next to me.  He asked her if would go on stage with her.  She said no.  I told her to go.  She asked Scott, "What do I do?"
Scott:  Come with me and stop asking questions.
She had her purse on her lap, which she placed on the steps.  I tried to get the purse out of their way, and Scott handed it to me, so that I could put it on her chair.  The lady's name was Carol.
Scott:  What do you do in San Diego?
Carol: Nothing.
Scott:  You just sit around and see Rockapella.
Carol:  Yes.

When Scott said that his vibe was her saying, "I, Carol, want to go on stage because I sing fantastically."
Carol:  OH, NO!

Stand By Me
Scott tried to give her the mic but she kept pushing it away.  He still turned it toward her, though.  Bryant tried to pass his mic over, too.  

Ain't Too Proud to Beg
I was concerned that she would fall off the stool with all of the craziness.  Bryant made her rest his head on his manly chest.  Mitch backed up his butt all the way across the stage, and Scott guarded her against him.  Hilarious.

Go, Mitch, GO!!!

Where In The World Is Carmen SanDiego

Scott said that they would be at Pepperdine in December.  Whoo HOOO!  He then thanked the sound man for working "under extraordinary circumstances".  


Up On The Roof / Wonderful World (off mic)

The guys left Scott alone on stage, and he shrugged at us.  I thought that maybe they would do the extra song that Wendy said they did the other night, but no such luck.

Meet and Greet

Wendy had printed the picture of all of the guys in this line up and gave all of us copies to have signed.  Thank you, Wendy!  They proceeded to pose for me in their own cute ways.

Thanks, Spidey!

Thank you, Demi-God!

Thank you, sweet Cal!

He realizes I'm publishing this, right?

Thank you, Bass Man B!

KP asked Mitch and Bryant to sign her Rockapella shirt, and lots of people came over to the table to look at it.  JT almost signed it again, because he had signed it so long ago that he forgot.  He schooled Mitch on the names of former Rockapella members that Mitch didn't recognize.  

JT asked what we were all doing between shows, and invited us to go to Wahoo's Tacos, his favorite place to eat around Laguna Beach.  Wendy and I walked ahead because he said it was kind of far, and our legs aren't as long as his.  They still got there before us because they took a short cut.  That was not helpful, and neither was I when I looked at my phone and couldn't figure out if we were going the right way.  Sher, the ocean.  Figure it out from where the ocean is positioned on your phone!

They had already received their food before we arrived, and I had to wait for the kids in front of me to finish their order, which took a long time because they were consulting someone on the phone.  Then the ice in the soda machine wasn't working.  So I decided to forget about getting anything from there and ordered an Angry Orchard to accompany my Paleo Bowl.

I sat in the corner next to JT and across from KP.  The server brought the food and called it a "pah-LAY-oh" bowl.  JT snickered and said that they say it all fancy because we're in California.  I said that no, he just doesn't know how to say it properly.  The word is pronounced "PAY-lee-oh".  Also, the guy didn't bring my drink.  Did I mention that we had just come from a long walk and I was hella thirsty?  Yeah, that made me unhappy.  Someone else came and asked if we had everything.  I mentioned my drink.  She looked at my number and said OK.  It didn't come.  Not really talking to anyone in particular, I bemoaned that I still had not received my drink.  So BV got up, went to the kitchen/cashier area, and said to the folks in his very bass voice, "We're gonna need that Angry Orchard."  They got it for him right away, and he brought it over to me himself.  Thank you, Bass Man! 

I asked about the sound man's "extraordinary circumstances" and JT said that he had been really sick but still came in to work for the shows.  Thank you, Sound Man!

The food was quite tasty, and the cider hit the spot.  We might have stayed longer had the guys not had another show to do.  CJ & BV went ahead of us because CJ needed tweezers to deal with a splinter.  We rode the trolley back with JT and I somehow refrained from taking a paparazzi picture of him sitting next to KP.

By the time we arrived, Dodie was there.  Hi, Dodie!  CJ and BV had caught up to us (or we caught up to them), we said our goodbyes to WhoEvs, said our see-you-laters to the guys, and set off for the next adventure of the day.

Next up: Show #7

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