Sunday, September 4, 2016

Ferdie at the Fourth

Rockapella in Laguna
Show #4
Sunday, August 21, 2016
Laguna Playhouse
Laguna Beach, CA

I was really tired and got to choir rehearsal late, but at least I made it to the church before Mass started.  Afterward, I made way back down to Laguna Beach.  Linda had originally planned to join me, but her kitty is sick, so she needed to stay home, and arranged for Ferdie to pick up her ticket at Will Call.  I parked in Lot 17 and texted the Posse that I was there.  I got on the trolley, and who should get on but KP herself, totally ignoring me.  So I hit her on the arm.  No, I didn't hit her hard, but it made her notice me!  She was with her friend Cindy, whom had taken her to her second Rockapella show, and was the teacher next door to her at school for a while.  When we arrived at the Playhouse, we relaxed on the upper tier of the Playhouse courtyard while we waited for our friends.  But they didn't get there that early, and we wanted to go inside and freshen up before sitting in our seats.  That's right, front row again!  This time I was in seat A-104.

With the little fake lighthouse on the hill 

Weff arrived just before the first song.  Phew!

Sun Brothers

I love it when Scott plays his "trumpet" and the air from his lips makes his hair fly up.  

Ooh, they were dressed in their Sunday white shirts and Scott was wearing my favorite tie!

This song has been in my head for 24 hours.  This song has a train, and tritones during the "Toot toot"s, as well as the "choo choo", like in Rockapella's arrangement of Jailhouse Rock.

Ferdie's here!  YAY!  


Rock Around the Clock
They sound much better today.  I don't know what was up with the sound mixing yesterday.  Got a smile from Mitch.

Jailhouse Rock
Oh, those mic stands are too far to keep JT in jail.

Scott:  "I recognize some friends down here."  That's us!!!

Dancing in the Streets
Great move, Cal!  Pitch pipe assist from Scott to get Mitch going.

Just My Imagination / Imagine
Jeff came back on to the stage and applauded Calvin after the song (he rests off stage for this one).  Scott's hair is all wonky.

Satisfaction / Cupid
Jeff Evs' favorite part is the audience participation.  (He does not agree with this statement).

Mitch:  Warriors fans, maybe next year.
Scott:  Probably next year.
Mitch: Probably.

Moon River
I wonder what Elliott would sound like singing the lead on this song.  It would be in a lower key, but I think his smooth voice would sound really nice.

Paper Doll
Jeff's facial expressions during the call and response with Bryant are hilarious.  He also kicks when Bryant sings "I'm through with all of them".  Mitch acts like he's riding a bicycle at the end, like they're the Dapper Dans or some such thing.  Wendy said that Mitch has Flirty Flirty Eyebrows.

Blame It On The Boogie
No collision today, but they were really close to it.  Hi, Bryant!

Ferdie said that he was a little nervous because he didn't have time to pay for a parking permit at the lot.  I've not seen anyone giving out tickets, but I have seen patrols.  I don't know if they're checking, though.

Intermission Smiles

Used Ta Be My Girl
Calvin sang at Wendy.  She pointed at herself, like "Who? Me?"  Calvin nodded.  
Mitch, after "Can't beat her cooking", sings "Yum Yuuuuum" while patting his belly.  

Scott got applause after saying, "Prior to becoming the legendary vocal act we've become..."

The tenors are having way too much fun up there.  

Scott felt coffee vibes from Susan.  It was Wendy sending the vibes!  He's doing it wrong.

Susan is a consultant.  She could give consultation regarding a good cup of coffee.  
Scott:  I hate coffee.

Stand By Me
Susan augmented the lyric a bit, instead of singing, "Oh I won't be afraid", she sang "I'm afraid."

Mitch took some very loud steps to the front of the stage before singing, "I know you want to leave me..."

Ain't Too Proud to Beg
OK, Susan was awesome.  She shared some shoulder action with Bryant, and she slapped Mitch's butt!  YES!!!

Mitch is a very old young person.

Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego
Scott motioned that there is still some air under his butt when he was squatting down.

Up On The Roof / Wonderful World (off mic)
Someone in the audience started to rustle their plastic bag, and it kept on going.  During the quietest part of the show.  Scott heard it, kind of looked around, saw me giggling, and smiled.  Then the stage lights started to shift and change colors (not a part of the show), and they were loud, too.  He looked at me again, and I felt like I was in church, giggling behind my hymnal so that the congregation wouldn't see me.  What made it more like church was the fact that Ferdie was sitting next to me, because he was one of the people with whom I sang and hid behind hymnals at St. James.

Meet and Greet
I mostly just took Paparazzi pictures of the guys talking to the Posse.  I wasn't able to get my camera out in time for Ferdie and Calvin's discussion, so they faked another one for me so I could take this shot.  Thanks, guys!  It looks so authentic!

As I was saying...

They were all getting excited about Disneyland, partly because it would be a Cheat Day from their diets (for Cal, Mitch and Bryant).   Bryant said that his meal plan was churro, turkey leg, churro, corn dog, churro.  He saw that I was taking candids, and proceeded to unbutton his shirt for the camera.  Yeah, because I didn't already think he was a manly man BEFORE that happened.  O.M.G.

I love Wendy's expression!

Wendy gave Jeff some brownies, which he had said he enjoyed from last week.  The look on his face was priceless, he was so excited.  He even asked me to take some pictures of him with his phone.  I'm amazed he trusted me enough to hand the phone to me, but I guess he figures I'm not going to do anything crazy in the 30 seconds I had it in my hand.  I love that he posted them on Facebook.

He's so excited!

Mitch asked where his goodies were, and was all appalled that JT got something when he actually made an order.  I informed him that I was bringing his goodies were coming next week, and that those were from Wendy.  I guess he isn't being as good about his diet as he portends to be.  
Where's my stuff?!

Scott and I discussed the weirdness with all of the plastic rustling during the last song.  He figured that somebody really wanted to get their stuff together to leave.  I told him about Ferdie and me hiding behind hymnals in church.

Talking about the guys having a Cheat Day at DLR

We said goodbye to the guys, and to KP and Cindy.  Weff and I decided to eat at Rasta Tacos.  Ferdie was still worried about his car in the lot, and went there to pay.  Then he took the trolley and didn't get off where I told him to, and rode around for a while before he finally met us at Rasta Tacos.  I had the Surf n Turf (shrimp and carne asada) and it was quite yummy.  We all took the trolley back to our cars.  Look how cute we are on the trolley!

After saying goodbye, I decided to meet Glenndy at Disneyland, so I lounged with them and watched the magic picture at our booth.

Such a fun weekend of 4 shows!  I'm not going to be able to concentrate at work this week.

Next up:  Show #5

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