Sunday, September 18, 2016

Is Eight Enough?

Rockapella in Laguna
Show #8
Sunday, August 28, 2016
Laguna Playhouse
Laguna Beach, CA

Jenn and Cindy met me at my house after I was done with church, and we made our way down to Laguna Beach.  I had snacks ready for them in the car, part leftovers from the goodies for the guys, part my own snacks as I've been traveling back and forth to Laguna.  I'm glad I had them or Jenn would have been hangry and we just can't have that.  I told them stories about the week's Pella encounters and it made the drive time go by quickly.  

They needed to pick up their tickets at Will Call, so we went to the theatre first.   Nick was there, and joined us.  We had time to go to the beach so that I could have one last picture there.  Cindy kept trying to jump into my panorama picture.  This is what it looks like when a person is trying to photobomb a panorama.

Jenn was all excited because she was at the beach and found a whole slew of Pokemon that could only be found near water.  

One last picture at the beach for the Rockapella onslaught of shows, and we walked back to the theatre.
Thanks to Nick for taking this picture with Jenn's phone

KP and Margo had seats next to me.  Cindy's seat was in the 2nd row, as was Nick's, but there were seats between me and Jenn that were empty.  I thought they were seats for Weff, but they were seated on the other side of the row, which confused me because I thought we had all bought seats next to each other, but whatevs.  I was just happy that we were all there for the last Laguna show.

See the lady next to Cindy, photobombing us?

Sun Brothers

Scott was trumpeting right in front of us.  
Sher to KP:  I LOVE them.
You know, because KP had no idea before that moment.

"Doo dum, doo dum, do dooby doo...."


Rock Around the Clock
Hi, Bryant!  Oh, hi, Scott -- let's do those moves together!

Jailhouse Rock
"Do you no good": Scott wagged his finger at KP and me.

The woman in back of me said to her friend that Scott is wearing a beautiful suit.  She's in the Scott's Shiny Suit Lovers Club!

Scott:  "Scott.  I'm Scott."  Like he couldn't remember if that was correct.

Dancing in the Streets
Scott seemed to approve of JT's thrusting. 

Just My Imagination / Imagine
The audience liked that "2...4....20"

Satisfaction / Cupid
Scott's and Bryant's looked like they were amusing each other during "Can't Get No".
Mitch: Let's see how many singers there are out here.
Sher:  Five.  There are five.

Mitch is from Akron.  Margo said, "I'm sorry."  How nice of the California fans to applaud the Cavaliers.  Mitch placed his stool too close to Cal and Cal tried to move it away.  

Moon River
People were clapping during "It's the most wonderful moon..."  
Hello, JT and the sweat on your chest!

Paper Doll
Scott daintily posed his Spaghetti Legs together on the side of his stool.  I saw JT make Flirty Flirty Eyes and giggled.  He pointed at me because I noticed.  Or he's trying to distract me from the fact that Steve isn't there.  Mitch flirted with his eyebrows while he lassoed.

Blame It On The Boogie
Mitch was crazy with all of his pelvic action.  Scott's earpiece fell out and he had to put it back in, which made him smile.

Whomever was supposed to be in the seat next to me never showed up, so Jenn moved over, and Cindy and Nick joined us in the front row.  Ah, that's better.  PellaPosse in da house!!!!

Used Ta Be My Girl
They sang to Margo!  She flirted back to them.

Scott: We sold our souls to the corporate devils for a quick buck.
Jenn clapped.
Scott:  No, don't clap for that.

Calvin almost fell down while spinning during Almond Joy.  

Bryant raised his eyebrows at me while "waking up" with Folger's in his cup.

Scott felt a coffee vibe with Paula, who lives in Laguna Beach, but is from Corona.
Mitch: I love Corona.
Scott:  Not the beer.
Mitch: Oh.

Stand By Me
Sing it!!!

Mitch scared her when he wouldn't let her get off of the stage, and she almost fell over.

Ain't Too Proud to Beg
Scott danced like her when she wouldn't dance like him.  Mitch was jealous when Bryant was with her.  Bryant moved his eyebrows up and down when she swayed with him.  So, Bryant AND Mitch have flirty flirty eyebrows.

People like the grandmas.

Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego
Scott was all crazy when we were clapping along to the beat.

Scott was talking about today being their last show there, and someone in the audience shouted, "Where is San Diego?"
The audience giggled while being confused about this question.  The guys were confused, too.  


Up On The Roof / Wonderful World  (off mic)

Bryant pointed to me while I stood up for the ovation.  You're welcome!

Meet and Greet
I took some candid photos of the posse talking to the guys.  
Cal and JeffEvs

I don't know WHAT Jenn is saying to Mitch in the background

Cindy told Cal that she heard that he was tortured at Disneyland.  Bryant said that he wasn't tortured, and that he loved it.  Cal again said that he had the best time there.  Yay!  

Mitch said that he was sure he would see us again.  OK, but I want to see Steve, too, but I won't be able to see them at the same time, so... sigh.

Sher and Mitch

I told Scott that I would be going through some serious withdrawal the next day.  
Scott:  You've got to go cold turkey.  No listening to Rockapella.
Sher:  No a cappella at all, not even other groups.
Scott:  You can't go to Disneyland...and you definitely can't use Fast Pass.

Oh, Scott.  I already broke all 4 of those rules.  

I was happy that most of the girls in our posse were there so that we could take this picture with the guys.  We were overdue for a new group picture.

Pella and the Posse

We said our goodbyes and the posse took pictures to say Happy Birthday to George.

We also took some pictures of the huge Rockapella sign.  We thought of how we could take it down and bring it to someone's home, but I'm sure the person that booked them would rather she had it for herself.  Oh, all right.

Thanks to Wendy for taking this picture!

We took our last trolley ride back to our cars and said goodbye to the rest of the Posse.  I was craving Filipino food, so Jenn, Cindy and I went to Pinoy Pinay in West Covina to chow down.  I mostly just wanted halo-halo, but I needed to earn it by eating protein.  

Earned it!

What a great few weeks it's been.  From Drum Corps finals to Rockapella to getting a promotion at work, my life has been on a nice upswing.  Thank you, God, Bro, Posse, and Rockapella for giving me quite the August to remember!

Pusher and the Pella

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