Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Will the Real Superman Please Fly Up

I'm a born and bred Lakers fan.  I grew up in a house where, when a Lakers game was on the air, especially a playoff game, all 4 televisions in the house would be tuned to the game, with people yelling at the TV in each room.  Basketball is the only team sport that I really watch, although I'll view other stuff once in awhile, mostly to hear the bands during college football season.  (You're not actually surprised at that, are you?)

So, of course, I'm currently happy to see my team competing in the NBA Finals for the second consecutive year.  Lakers vs. Magic.  How fitting that the game ball in Game 1 was provided on the court by none other than Magic Johnson!  

Anyway, so today's blog post is about someone that will always be a Laker to me, even when he's on another team, touting that his current coach is the best one he's ever played for:  Shaquille O'Neal.  Yeah, he makes me crazy when he's being over-the-top, but then I have to remember that I found it entertaining when he was the Center for my team.  

So today the Lakers are playing in Orlando, and they play the theme for "Superman" when Dwight Howard is introduced.  This bugs me.  Didn't Shaq, the original basketball "Superman" used to play for Orlando?  Didn't he take them to the Finals one year (albeit to a loss in a sweep)?  Do they have no respect for the man that put their team on the map in the first place?  

Yeah, I get it.  Howard wore a Superman cape in this year's dunk contest at All-Star weekend, but it's just not right to me.  Shaq had his tattoo long before Dwight was in the NBA.

So in my search for someone to back me up, I discovered this video, and I quite liked it.  It's got Shaq, Dwight, and Shaq & Dwight, along with others stating who they believe is the "Real Superman."

My favorite part, though, is, of course, the comment when they show M.J.  :)

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  1. The thing that used to amuse me to no end about watching Shaq with the Lakers was that he was such an immovable force. That man is a MOUNTAIN! He'd be standing there by the basket, and an opposing team member would be driving towards him with the ball, and Shaq would just stand his ground, and the other dude would run into Shaq - and then just bounce off. It was like something out of a cartoon. Dude, when Shaq is set, you are NOT going to be able to muscle him out of the way. You and what forklift?!?!?!?!