Friday, June 26, 2009

Oui Oui, Queen Sherry

Rockapella at Lewis Family Playhouse
Sunday, June 14, 2009
Rrrrrancho Cucamonga, CA
7:00 p.m.

Back in December, when I had an extra ticket to Rockapella's holiday show, my friend Adrienne agreed to take my ticket when I saw that she liked to hear Christmas music a cappella. To my delight, she was also able to attend the re-scheduled non-holiday show. You know how much I love bringing first-timers! Other attendees for the 7pm show included some of the ones from the 4pm show (Wendy, Jeff, Karla, Barb, Cindy, Gordon), as well as Aura, Mox and Linda. This was Cindy's 1st same-day viewing of 2 performances. Welcome to the club, Cindy!

Some of the guys had changed their shirts since the prior show. I had been happily ignoring pants until Adrienne asked me whose pants I normally look at, and when I told her it was Scott's, I then concentrated on them for most of the show.

Scott is Manny Ramirez.

Scott asked how many folks actually live in Rrrancho Cucamonga, I guess because he wanted to see who lived in his favorite-city-to-pronounce. Since he knew that there was a likelihood of Lakers fans being present in the audience, he kindly updated us with the score of Game 5 of the Finals during the evening. It was 80-67 at this point, advantage Lakers. (Whoo HOO!!!) He said, "It's almost over. It's only the 1st quarter." Kidding. He had his iPod on one of the stools so that he could follow the game for us, and thanked us for attending instead of watching the game.

JT's throat mics "pick up the rumble underneath Rancho," according to Scott. Kevin smiled at me. :)

Got to Get You Into My Life
Adrienne asked me why Kevin and John don't wear earpieces but the rest of them do. I have no idea. I need to ask them sometime.

Stand By Me -- John smiled at me when he sang. :)
Scott said that John has toured with Phil Collins, Tina Turner and Julie Andrews. All at the same time. It was an amazing concert. Kidding.

Use Me -- Scott started his version of the stomping with "One, then two...I can't stop." He said that the audience had the Cucamonga beat. Except for Adrienne, but at least she didn't clap loudly and throw off the rest of the audience.

Kevin said, "We're really glad we made it this time. We made it just in time for Gloom June....(In December when they missed the shows), we go there (to the airport) really early because it was very cold and it was blizzardy outside and the plane wouldn't start....It was a little bit chilly when we got here the other day. June in Florida is at the 90s and 100s every day. We heard that you guys also get a lot of rain here." ;) He then talked about the fishing trip with his daughters, and said about the Hammerhead Sharks, which "go around with eyes out on the ends, saying, 'Oh, yeah, come on over here...yeah, man, you think we can't see you?'" He used a different voice when imitating what a Flounder would say: "Uh, hello, can you flip me back over?" He said that he took his wife "down to check out the boardwalk and I'd never been under one before, but I learned a lot there." I guess he wanted us to use our imaginations as to what he learned, although I'd love to hear what he would have actually said.

Under the Boardwalk

Tell Me What You Want
Scott checking his iPhone: "Lakers by 11 with 37 seconds left." YAY!!!!! He talked about singing a cappella, and "when it's bad, it's like .... it's like about what the Orlando Magic feel like right now."

California Sad-Eyed Girl
Scott said that Kevin toured with Les Miz. Kevin: "Oui Oui." (Laughter ensued). Scott: "What?!" Kev: "OuiOui." Scott: "Aaaah." Scott said that there were a lot of fans (of theater) tonight, should have done one of the songs from 'Annie'. (looking at Kevin) You have the hair." Kevin responded with "I'll leave out your hair stuff later." Scott said, "I shouldn't have said anything." Scott said that George was once part of the group that became BoyzIIMen, and the audience was, like, "Ooh." So George glared at us. Kevin had his comeback when talking about Scott: "I think he did the tour of 'Legally Blonde'."

Scott said that the Lakers won 99-86. WHOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!! Happiness for Sherry.

Scott talked about records as "vinyl things that go around and you put a needle on the thing and music would miraculously emanate." He talked about the Mills Bros most popular song, and Adrienne said to me, "Don't tell me they're going to do 'Paper Doll'." I nodded and smiled. She loves this song.

Paper Doll I am totally loving Geo's glissandos!

Rock the Boat
Scott asked, "Y'all havin' a good time?" (Cheers from the audience) Scott responded in a high, hoarse voice, "Me too."

Jingle Medley -- Adrienne was incredulous at the Preparation H songs, saying to me, "They did NOT." I told her to ask them afterward. I like JT's little "pop" sound at the end of Folger's.

My Girl -- John picked a gal named Adriana (oh, so close!), who was sitting next to Mox. John said to her, "Come on up here with your cowboy boots." Adriana lives in Long Beach. Kevin: "I like Long Beach. It's easier to say....I'm from Hope County, FL, we wear boots there. Is that real lizard?" Adriana is studying French. Kevin: "A French major? Did you like my 'Oui oui'? (much laughter) That's different. I'm sorry, that was not a come-on, I promise." Kevin does say the darnedest things. Kevin thought that Mox was her boyfriend, and asked for his name, which she didn't know. He asked her if she introduced herself. I just kept on giggling. Kev's song for her: "Oh, Adriana, how I love your cowboy boots." (In the background, I think it was Scott singing "oui oui.").

Ain't Too Proud to Beg -- Yay! She danced! John tried to get his butt over there between her, Scott and Kevin. When Geo approached him with his crazy high voice, Scott said, "Excusez moi..." Afterward, Scott said, "What a beautiful girl. Tres Jolie." Kevin was impressed and said that Scott is an International Man of Mystery. They asked her to speak a little bit of French. She said, "Kevin ne parles francais tres bien." (Just so you know, I noticed that she left out "pas", and I wasn't a French major. Translation: "Kevin does not speak French very well." She never translated it for them, though.

People Change

George said, "You know, every now and then, a man wants to sing like a woman. (laughter) Is that just me? Fellas, y'all know when you're alone at home and you get in the shower and think of Whitney Houston?" and then went into his rendition of "I Will Always Love You."

Papa Was A Rolling Stone

Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego? I was looking at Scott with the dancing and the low squats, thinking, "That man is limber."


Scott then said that they sang a Christmas song at the last concert, and asked if we would like to hear one, too. Then he couldn't think of what to sing. "What was on that list?" I just love that they read that list.

They decided to sing "Rudolph", but were worried because there is an evil key change in the middle.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer The key change went well, and Scott gave the thumbs-up sign.

Up On The Roof/Wonderful World Scott smiled at Adriana as he sang "don't know much about the French I took," and did it with a French accent.
A at her first Pella show

Meet and Greet
I introduced Adrienne to Scott and told him that this was her first show. Adrienne asked him if I get a toaster for bringing the new person. I said that I don't need a toaster: I'm just happy that he remembers my name. Scott sweetly said to me, "How could I forget your name? You're the Queen of Superfans!" Yes, people, I have a new title, and I'm lovin' it. Thanks, CSL4. We asked if the Preparation H songs were actually sung, and Scott said that they did sing those songs, although they were a bit more technical with the medical terms.

I told John that he rocked on Zip. He didn't know what song I was talking about, so I had to say a little more before he got it.

I told Geo that when he did that bassy, yummy sigh, Adrienne did it, too.

I told Kevin about Gloomy Bear and the story behind him. He asked if, at this time, he was "Juney Gloomy." I like it!

Cindy talked to him and said he told a different story tonight than on Friday, as she knows from reading my blog. She said to him that her comment was "Ron Jeremy has 8 testicles?" Kevin cracked up. He said, "Ron Jeremy has nothing on me."
JT: "He has nothing on Ron Jeremy. I've seen his movies."
Sherry, Cindy & Adrienne simultaneously: "Kevin's?"
JT: Ron Jeremy's.
Sher: How do you know?
JT: He's got nothing on Barry, though.
Sher: How do you know THAT?
JT: Stop. Don't go there.
(I just love teasing JT).
Sher to JT: Can I take a picture of you (Rockapella) later?
JT: No. You have to give me a dollar.
Sher: OK. I've given you dollars before, inadvertently (I meant indirectly).
JT stuck his tongue out at me.

We gathered around to take pictures, and when it was mine and Cindy's turn, I gave JT a dollar first. He gave it back afterward, so I gave it back to Cindy, and she gave it to Mox. It was all just nutso.

Sher & Cindy with Rockapella

The guys got distracted talking to other people, but Scott still made an effort to come over to hug us goodbye. Sweet.

Glenn, Cindy, Mox and I went to the Yardhouse for dinner/dessert and watched highlights from the game. LAKERS ARE THE 2009 NBA CHAMPIONS!!!! WHOO DANG HOOO!!! As Glenn said, "It's good to be Sherry today."

My version? "It's good to be Queen. Of Superfans."

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