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I've Got All My Brothers With Me

Rockapella at Lewis Family Playhouse
Sunday, June 14, 2009
Rrrrrrancho Cucamonga, CA
4:00 p.m.

One of the fun things about seeing Rockapella multiple times in a week is that they tend to remember stuff that their fans have said at the prior Meet and Greet. The fans also remember most of what was said the entire show as well as the MnG, and much of it is usually blogged somewhere. :) After Friday night's show in Mission Viejo, Karla decided that we should actually write the set list that Scott kiddingly told us to write for him. A couple of us collaborated, and she printed it out for placement on the stage at the start of the show. It was mostly Christmas songs, with a couple of oldies (like "Bodyboard") thrown in for good measure.

I met up with my seat partner, Kathie, in the restroom. I didn't mean to, but it happened anyway. Kathie has seen Pella shows before, but was quite surprised when I pointed to our seats. Yes, Kath. Those are ours. Front. Row. Center. (THANKS, Wendy!!!!). I had a bunch of friends in the audience that night: Cindy, Glenn, Liz, Jordan, Karla, Wanda, Gordon, Wendy, and Jeff. It was nice to see everyone there. I think they were glad they went to this show, they could mock me for the rest of my life. :)

As Rockapella entered the stage, Karla made a note of placing the set list in front of them. We were so close to them that I wanted to just reach out and touch Scott's shoes. Because I could. We giggled as each of the guys noticed the piece of paper on the stage, all wondering what the heck it was, and even asking each other if they'd seen it.

They were dressed the same as Friday night, but sounded even better. Most likely because the sound system was better, but probably also because they had been treated to a full day of rest between shows.

Tonight: Scott smiled at me! So I said "Hi!" and Kath giggled.

Scott said, "The Lakers are gonna do ... something ... tonight. (Sherry & others cheer loudly) A lot of us are from Florida, so we have mixed feelings." He kept looking at the set list, trying to figure it out. Unfortunately, the font was too small to read without actually picking it up. He did, though, ask how many people had been at the show on Friday. Perhaps that was a hint to us that he might actually know why that paper was on the stage.

4U4Now4Life: I love this song. I can't help but bop to it, even when I listen to it in the car. I turn up the volume really loud & haven't a care in the world who sees me. Apparently you can see my joy from the stage, too, because Kevin and George were both smiling at me during the song. HI!!!

Scott said that Rrrrancho Cucamonga is the most beautifully named town in all of America. He didn't roll his r's as much as he usually does, but it still makes me giggle. He said that he couldn't remember why they couldn't make it to the December shows, thinks it may have something to do with a hangnail, and they just CAN'T sing that way. :) He asked who was seeing Pella for the 1st time, and someone was there in the 2nd row. He said, "You're up a little close for the first time. We'll try to be gentle."

Scott then briefly introduced the guys and noted their voice parts. He said that they found Jeff in L.A. on Venice Beach. JT shook his head "no." George is made up of nothing but testosterone, which is completely evident when he rolls up the bass line. Then, of course, the Girls Sing.

ZIP: Go, John! I love his solos during this song.

Got To Get You Into My Life: I like the background vocals of "Gotta Getcha Getcha." They kinda look like they're driving cars during some of that choreography.

Stand By Me: It's amazing how John changes that up every time. A true performer, wanting the returning fans to hear something a little different, and making sure his creative juices keep flowing, even while singing the same songs for every show.

Use Me: Scott's high note was awesome. YEAH! Kevin and John started with the stomping, and Scott tried to do the same (this is the same as in previous shows, but I could actually hear what they were saying since we were up close and they were not holding their mics). John said to him, "Now, you're doing something different....Don't hurt yourself now." Funny.

Kevin said that since they missed the shows in December, it's been "quite a wait. We're singing different songs tonight. There are probably people out there saying, 'We thought that we'd hear Christmas songs!' (Kevin clearly has no idea what that paper is doing on the stage). I heard about the June Gloom. I'm gonna bring that to Florida and call it 'June Doom'." He talked about the weather in Florida during the summer, saying that it rains every day at 3:00 p.m.

Then Kevin said, like he did on Friday night, that when they come to California, they see their CA fans, and they're like family. And he looked STRAIGHT AT ME. I giggled and waved a hello. He said to me (Yes, in front of everyone in the theater), "You know I'm going to pick on you ALL night long, right?" Then he proceeded to tell the story. "The other night, I said that we get to see our family, and I pointed over here and over there and she said afterwards 'You pointed to her and her and you IGNORED me!' So here we are. WE are FAMILY." Thanks, Kev. I'll go crawl into the orchestra pit now. Oh, man, I love him, though.

Kevin said, "I don't know how Scott doesn't remember what happened last time. We had a 7-hour wait at the airport, because the plane wouldn't start." They had 2 shows the day before, then hurried over to the airport in a blizzard. "We were actually kind of hoping that it wouldn't start because we didn't want to fly in that weather. But we did make it the next day's show."

He said that he wasn't going to tell the octopus story, because some people were there the other night and said, "Um, I'm taking my grandma to the show on Sunday..." What? Grandmothers don't know about testicles? ;) He talked about the fishing trip with his daughters, still, though. One of his daughters is 10 years old (to which daughter usually replies "I am not, Dad, I'm 10 and three-quarters!"). "When you're almost 11, every day counts." He talked about the flounder "floundering all over the boat." Oh, it was his daughter that said that "God didn't finish that fish!", not his wife. He said that he could picture her having nightmares that night, saying, "No face! No face! No mouth! No eyes!" Poor little thing.

Under the Boardwalk: "You can almost taste the flounder and french fries they sell" Again, boys. The carousel is not the same as the ferris wheel. Good Golly.

Here Comes the Sun: Geo sang his low note to Karla, and made all of the front row completely swoon.

Scott said that they'd been doing that song with symphonies, like the Boston Pops. When they sing with backup, it's fine. But a cappella is much more difficult because it's just them. "When it's bad, it's's like... bad flounder." Kevin then described the flounder a little bit more, with the two eyes on one side, and the other side with no eyes or face. "It's very odd, it's probably like a little mistake. It's probably saying from underneath, though, 'I'll bite you!'." I love the voices that Kevin assigns to different things/people.

California Sad-Eyed Girl

Scott said that when he wrote the song, he just needed 5 syllables for a place, and chose "San Bernardino," which elicits giggles whenever we sing it in California. So I thought, "Wow. It must be some, it's like a dump or sometihng. But it's nice! We drove in and there are beautiful mountains, a nice drive. You've got a few strip malls, but come on! I'm gonna sing it with pride now."

Scott gave more insight into the guys' joining the group. "Kevin came to L.A. with Joseph and Jesus." "George was the sexiest, funkiest Frankenstein in Universal Studios/Osaka." Kevin talked about Scott's beautiful hair and tiny waist, to which Scott responded by modeling his suit and waving like a beauty queen.

Scott then talked about how much he loved the Mills Brothers, and much of the audience acknowledged the MB greatness and clapped. Scott said, "You know the Mills Brothers. I'll talk about the Mills Brothers in Korea, and they're like (silence). That's how it is there."

Paper Doll: I like the response to the lead's line of "I must have had a million dolls or more" with "I'm guessin' he's roundin' up." I also love all of George's glissando/scoops. Heck, I love the rhythm section throughout the entire song. I'm sure that the high voice have always been singing the above-mentioned line, but I've been too busy listening to Geo & JT to notice. It just happens that I was seated on House Left and the melodic voices are right in front of my face.

Rock the Boat

Jingle Medley: Scott said, "I remember coming to L.A. to film that commercial (Taco Bell) and how shamelessly we took that money. It was a DARK day." During Preparation H, JT pointed to Geo's butt for the last note. After they sang the Dr. Pepper jingle that deprived them of their royalty checks, Scott said, "That's the best song we ever sang."

My Girl: Diana got up to leave the stage as soon as "My Girl" was done. Kevin said, "We are not done with you yet! (taps the stool) Please, Diana." He introduced Diana to the guys. "This is Jeff. He does speak." Diana said she was nervous, right before Geo tapped Kevin's shoulder and said, "Back." Kevin: "Huh?" Geo: "BACK." Then he did his sexy greeting. Kevin said in his high voice, "It's all right, G-man. She likes the high voices." Then he turned to the audience and asked us, "Why you laughing? Is that funny to you?" Kevin asked Diana if husband Pete would hit him. She said, "Maybe." Kevin asked if Diana is from RC, but she said no, she is from Riverside, and Kevin said, "That's a lot easier to sing." He asked if she was scheduled to come one of the Christmas shows. She said that it was supposed to be their Christmas outing, and looked somewhat perturbed. Diana is an Accountant, and her husband is an Equipment Operator. Kevin said, "Oh, a smooth operator." He then sang a song called "Diana and Pete the Smooth Operator." "Oh, Diana, you've got Pete, he's a smooth operator." "That's it." I remember Kevin's songs being a little bit longer than that before. :)

Beg: When she was allowed to get up, Diana tried to leave the stage again, but Scott was blocking her way and dancing at her. Afterward, he said to the guys, "I think she really enjoyed dancing with me." Kevin said, "She's statuesque. Next to her, we look like we're midgets." This prompted Scott to start singing "The Lollipop Guild" from The Wizard of Oz.

People Change

George said, "I imagine myself singing like a woman. Not just any old woman: Whitney Houston. I've got that bright white light shining at me, it reminds me of that note in The Bodyguard." After he did his rendition of "I Will Always Love You," he told us about his teacher advising him to squeeze his butt cheeks together to reach the high notes. "Luckily, I have my jacket on. I need a few seconds to release. So if you just keep laughing, I need a little time." "My job is to walk cool, look cool, sound cool, and make the ladies scream." YOW! "That actually worked!"

Papa Was A Rolling Stone: Geo looked at me after "Mama just hung her head and she said", so I just had to join in with "What?"

Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego?



Scott said that on Friday night, he received some requests that they sing a Christmas song at this show since they had missed them. Karla picked up the set list and gestured to him. Then they realized what the heck it was, and read some of them aloud, saying "This is an entire other show!" Yeah, well, so? We want to hear an extra show! :)

Angels We Have Heard on High: This must have made Wendy very happy, because it's her favorite song that they sing at Christmas. Of course, since they hadn't sung the song in 6 months, they couldn't remember what key it was in. Scott said, "If it's in G I'm in trouble, if it's in E George is in trouble." As he played with the pitch pipe, Scott realized. "F. It's in F." They sounded wonderful. Love "Angels come and they won't go home" and the whole "thunder in my heart" thing. Thanks, guys, for indulging us!

Up On The Roof/Wonderful World: It's nice to be able to hear JT's singing voice up close. It kept me from crying. I had been listening to the soundtrack of Bro & V's wedding day, and this song (Pella's rendition) was the music for their 1st dance. I always picture my brother's face on the happiest day of his life, dancing with the girl of his dreams whenever I hear Rockapella sing this song. And I'm crying again as I write this. Sheesh.

Great show, even with my mortified moment. Yes, Kevin did smile at me several times after that moment, and it was so many times that I forgot to write them all down. Thank you, Kevin, for being absolutely, perfectly, YOU.

There was no Meet and Greet afterward, due to the short time span between shows. A bunch of us went to the food court for a bite to eat, and then, to continue a new tradition, I needed to take a picture with Will before the next show. APPARENTLY, I was subconsciously fondling his leg. Must have been dreaming that it was Joseph. (Not the Dreamcoat one that Kevin came with, along with Jesus).

Sher and Will

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