Friday, November 7, 2008

Spank Your Pitas, and Top My Cherry

I had planned to relax this evening and maybe catch up on my TiVo recordings.  I had started drinking some celebratory champagne in honor of Obama's win, and ate a bite of my dinner when the phone rang.  Normally, I don't answer the phone when I'm eating dinner, as it usually ends up being some survey or something that only frustrates me later because then I go back to cold food.  Tonight, though, I must have already been tipsy enough to not care about stuff, so I answered the phone, and there was Linda, wanting to get together for whatever.  So I finished my dinner and champagne, contemplated getting another glass for myself before Linda arrived, then decided not to do so for fear that she'd arrive and just find me a sloppy mess, too embarrassed to be seen in a public place with me.

Linda was hungry, so we went to Daphne's Greek Cafe, where I had an appetizer plate to have something to nosh.  Despite my tipsy self, I managed to say "spanakopitas" in the proper way (I normally say "spankyourpitas" to my friends).   We decided to go to the Monrovia Family Festival, which is a weekly street fair.  We watched the ponies carry some kids around in a circle for a spell; browsed in a cute boutique, Angela's Closet, where we wished that we had lots of money to buy all the cute clothes we saw; and visited the little petting zoo to watch a goat rub his head on another goat because apparently his antlers were growing and making him itchy.  Of COURSE we found a little hippo plush which was cheap and cute, so I bought that along with a little Lakers shirt for the baby that will be my newest godson, Jude.  Linda ended up getting a ty squirrel named "Nuts," and she introduced him to several people at the street fair.

 First friend of Nuts was the guy at, wouldn't you know it, the booth for Steve's Nuts and Fruit.  He tried to teach us Spanish, but couldn't think of the Spanish word for "hippopotamus."  I told him that in Tagalog, it's "hippopoTAmus," but he still couldn't think of the Spanish word.  I wanted Linda to get one of those furry hats like this one, but she insisted that they were only for people who were approximately 16 years old.  She later pointed out to me a woman who looked to be about 30 years old with the same hat who looked ridiculous, and won her case.   We then walked into the scrapbook store that Linda had been looking for a couple of weeks earlier, called Scrap N Yap.  It's a nice store, with very nice people.  They were so nice that they didn't tell us that we had walked into the store when it was already closed (they hadn't turned off their sign yet).  We're thinking of taking classes there...unless one of my Creative Memories friends kills me first. ;)

Linda was craving ice cream, and I remembered a place that my friend Kathy had mentioned, so we ended up there, at Cherry on Top.  The place is self-serve, and you pay by the ounce.  You can choose between 10 flavors of frozen yogurt, and they have non-fat as well as sugarfree options.  They also allow you to taste flavors, and you can combine flavors, too.  The toppings range from fruit to cereal to candy and nuts.  You can also add marshmallow creme or caramel topping.  I decided to take it easy on myself and chose non-fat vanilla, with toppings of Almond Roca, Mango, Strawberries, Cap'n Crunch, and mochi bits.  Yes, you read that right: MOCHI BITS.  Linda opted for a combination of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry-banana, I think, with lots of other toppings.  You place your cup on the scale, and they weigh it, so if you're not that hungry, you don't end up spending very much.  I didn't get that much yogurt, so even with my fruit, I only ended up paying $2.74.  What a deal!  It was quite tasty (I absolutely loved my mochi bits), and Linda and I have decided that this will be our new go-to place whenever she comes to visit me.  The atmosphere was  cute, with a big light sculpture of big glass cherry shapes, and some red circular chairs.  I joined their e-club, and am looking forward to trying other combinations.  We actually already feel like part of the community there, because some of the ladies from Scrap N Yap came in for some yogurt, and I said hi, and they told me again to go to their classes (no, I don't think they were working at SNY nor were they the owners).

I'm glad that Linda called tonight, because I love our new hangout!  I'm still thinking about that second glass of champagne, though.  :D


  1. Oooo, Cherry on Top sounds cool! The husband will probably just sit and watch while I get stuff. :)

  2. The husband can eat, too: they have sugar-free yogurt there, and he can add, like, nuts or something.