Friday, August 11, 2017

So Math-y!

DCI World Class Prelims
Thursday, August 10, 2017
Lucas Oil Stadium
Indianapolis, IN

We got breakfast at the Starbucks in our hotel.  Bro is now Biryan and V is Mariah.  I think their barista had a hearing problem, because mine heard me just fine.  Also, I spelled my name for her.  She was going to let me leave without ordering food, so I insisted on ordering more.  V went back up to the room while Bro and I took off through the connection to the Convention Center and headed toward Lucas Oil.  We arrived a minute before they opened the gate.  They now have metal detectors.  The guy in front of us had a ticket that, when scanned, showed that it was already used.  But they just opened the door, and not even 100 people had gone through yet!  I hope he was able to get that fixed.

They weren't ready at the Souvenir Yearbook kiosk, so we went to our seats, which were in Section 139, row 21, seats 1-3, on the right 40-yard line.  

The Star-Spangled Banner was performed by Eric J, solo trumpet.  Great job, Eric!

The Prelims marathon starts now.  Or, actually,  about 15 hours before I started typing this.

New Banner

*Top 25 advance to Semifinals

LES STENTORS -- 54.725
Repertoire: "The Red String of Fate" -- Can't Help Falling in Love by H. Peretti, L. Creatore & G. D. Weiss; Appalachian Spring by A. Copland; Always on My Mind by J. Christopher, M. James, & W. Carson

Hmmm...I thought the middle song they played was "Land of Make Believe", but maybe that's "Appalachian Spring" in Canada.  Nice vocal solo on "You Were Always On My Mind".  I like the heart flags.  How does she not get tangled in all of those strings?  I guess that's the point.  Some intonation issues throughout from the brass.

IMPULSE -- 57.550
Throw That Bone!
Bro thinks the CG's legs are bleeding because they "wear bare feet".  Oh, the lady from the Bellflower show is here with her son's big face on a stick again.  There is a big bone prop now, which is thrown at the end of the Also Sprach.  Did the CG have bones in their hair (like Pebbles) before?  Wait.  What's that?  Coals?  A hibachi?  Bro said that they were streamers and plastic that they had back then in the cavepeople days.

COLT CADETS -- 60.925
Repertoire: "The River's Edge" -- Earth Dance by M. Sweeney; Flight of the Piasa by R. Sheldon; Quad City Stomp by M. Sweeney; Vitava (Die Moldau) by B. Smetana


Pretty blue CG uniforms and flags to represent the river.  Those rifles are shiny!  Nice ballad.

SHADOW -- 62.0
Repertoire: "Atreyu" -- Selections from The NeverEnding Story by K. Doldinger & G. Moroder; Salva Me by R. Prizeman; Dies Irae by K. Jenkins

They spent too much time under that black tarp for not doing anything like maybe changing their clothes.  Also, the center snare lost his hat in all of that business.  Too much talking at the beginning to set up the story, but at least it didn't continue.  Nice music.

RAIDERS -- 63.525
Repertoire: "Iconic" -- Who Wants to Live Forever by B. May; Beat It by M. Jackson;
Let It Be by Lennon–McCartney; Knights of Cydonia by M. Bellamy
Drums On Stage

Woman in audience upon seeing the huge sign:  "I think this show is called 'Iconic'."
Man with her:  "At least it's not 'Colonic'."

I wondered if it was "American Idol" or if there was any singing at all.  How is a drum corps playing "Beat It" and not making it part of the drum feature...or at least having the guard dance part of the fight scene?  MJ is on their flags.  They form a star.  Nice solos on "Let It Be", during which they form a cross.  Those shiny gold flags are cool.

Repertoire:  "Misshapen" - Ode to Joy from Symphony No. 9 by L. van Beethoven;  Smells Like Teen Spirit by K. Cobain, K. Novoselic, & D. Grohl; Misshapen by C. Friesleben
Fake Bluecoats

They made more yard lines on the field, except that they are ramps.  I kept waiting for the Ode to Joy to resolve to the major chord, but it never did.  I guess their point is that it's OK to be Misshapen.  

I got my souvenir yearbook.  I think they used to call it a "program", but that never really made any sense, since it didn't contain the actual information of the performance order.

GUARDIANS -- 67.838
Repertoire: "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" -- Dark Fantasy by K. West, R. Diggs (aka RZA), E. Wilson (aka No I.D.), J. Bhasker, M. Dean, M. Y. Jones, J. Anderson, & M. Oldfield; Power by K. West, L. Griffin, Jr. (aka Symbolyc One), D. Bhasker, A. Gardner (aka Dwele), K. Lewis, F. Bernheim, J. Lang, B. Bergman, R. Fripp, M. Giles, G. Lake, I. McDonald, & P. Sinfield; Heartless by K. West, E. Wilson, S. Mescudi (aka Kid Cudi), & M. Y. Jones; All of the Lights by K. West, D. Bhasker, M. Y. Jones, & W. Trotter (aka Really Doe); Runaway by K. West, T. Thornton (aka Pusha T), E. Haynie, J. Bhasker, M. Dean, & J. R. Branch; Symphony in B♭and Symphonic Metamorphosis of Themes by Carl Marie von Weber by P. Hindemith, Original compositions by D. Montoya Jr., D. Bush, & P. Islas

You Are Getting Sleepy

They want to make me dizzy with those props.  Or hypnotize me.  I'm not a big Kanye fan, so I wasn't really into this show, and got irritated when they used his quote from the time he interrupted Taylor Swift from getting her award.  I did like the drumline as they marched off the field, though.  The show is just too noisy for me.

SOUTHWIND -- 68.838
Repertoire: "Toxic Mind" -- Wrecking Ball by MoZella, S. Moccio, S. Skarbek, K. Kim, L. S. Gottwald, & H. R. Walter; The Rite of Spring by I. Stravinsky; Creep by T. Yorke, J. Greenwood, C. Greenwood, E. O'Brien, & P. Selway (Radiohead) (and A. Hammond and M. Hazlewood); Superstition by S. Wonder; Dies Irae (Gregorian Chant); Toxic by C. Dennis; C. Karlsson, P. Winnberg, & H. Jonback; Hysteria by M. Bellamy, C. Wolstenholme, & D. Howard (Muse)

They're not yellow anymore.  I miss their yellow uniforms.  I would have figured out this show just fine without the narration.  Nice trio intro to "Creep".  The trombones clearly had fun during "Superstition".  I like "Toxic" at this slow pace.  

7TH REGIMENT -- 69.8
Repertoire: "As the Sun Loved the Moon" -- Incantation and Dance by J. B. Chance;
Moonlight Sonata by L. van Beethoven; Make You Feel My Love by B. Dylan; Incantation (from Quidam) by B. Jutras; Total Eclipse of the Heart by B. Tyler
My favorite screen today

That was a nice show!  When the moon loves the sun, they create a Total Eclipse of the Heart.  Nice duet on "Make You Feel My Love".  Actually, nice music throughout.  I also like the trio at the end of the last piece.

THE COMPANY -- 70.037
Repertoire: "Tomorrow: It's Just Around the Corner" -- Original Music by A. Markworth ; Letter from Home by P. Metheny

It's All About That Bass

Pretty magenta drums.  Or are they purple?  Whatevs, I like the color scheme.  I like the trumpet feature, and the duet was great!  Good drums, too.  I don't want to hear narration, but at least theirs was with a British accent and not so loud, so it wasn't too offensive to me.  That electric bass player looked older than 21.  Are the international corps under different rules?  Bro said that they look 27 years old.
GOLD -- 70.10

My uniform is better than yours
The drum majors have new uniforms that look like the guards' uniforms instead of like the corps' overalls.  I think they insisted on not wearing the other ones and said, "Oh, hell, naw."  But that could just be my imagination.  Also, they have tarps now, in case you don't know what it looks like when a tree grows.


I ordered Loaded Tater Tots for lunch.  The cheese did not melt on top so it was not as yummy as I hoped it would be. I was impressed, though, with the fact that they were ready for us at intermission and they were efficient, asking people if they could get drinks started for them while other people were putting in their food orders.  Good job, Lucas Oil concessions staff!  I had to wait a bit for my tots, but it was fine.  

Repertoire: "Sanctuary" -- Consider the Birds by R. George; Blackbird by P. McCartney;
Freebirds by S. McAllister; Free Bird by A. Collins and R. Van Zant (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
Fly Like A Bird

The drum majors have feathers on their shoulders.  Brass did a great job on Free Bird.  I like seeing the pit members bopping their heads in synch with each other.  The CG uniform sleeves have cool fringe on them that make their arms look like wings.  Nice duet and choir corps on "Blackbird".  

SPARTANS -- 74.350*
Repertoire: "Connected" -- We Are Here to Connect; Missed Connections; ReConnected; Angel; We Are All Connected (All original music by K. Poulan, M. Moore, & M. McGuire)
"Everything is round" -- oh, wrong show

Sher, referring to the CG yell before they take the field:  "I don't even know what they're saying."
Bro:  "That's because they're not speaking English.  It's Greek."
Sher:  "Because they're from Sparta?"
Bro:  Yes.

I am not used to them being sparkly.   Nice opening brass hit.  I miss when Spartans didn't use amps.  Now they have very loud recorded singing.  There was way too much talking during the intro and at the end.  I like when the pit members are playing the cell phone ring tone.  We are all connected, even corrupt politicians.  The big globe reminds me of the Blue Knights show when the narrator said, "Circles!"  I like the contras' recurring theme.  
"Siri, what is the best part of the drum corps show?"
Siri:  "The end, of course."

MUSIC CITY -- 74.950*
Repertoire: "Tribe" -- Pagan Dances by J. Barnes; Goddess of Fire by S. Reineke; Trail of Tears by M. Daugherty
Tenors on Side

They chanted before they took the field.  Sher: "They're here to kill us."  They laid their tenors on their sides, so they were vertical.  I like the commitment to the character, especially from the drum major, whom threw his hat angrily after his crazy salute.  Well done, Brass!  Nice solo up in front.  I like the fire effect with the ribbons.

LEGENDS -- 76.80*
Repertoire: "The Signal" -- Define Dancing (from Wall-E) by T. Newman and P. Gabriel;
Mothership by M. Bates; Satellite by J. Pluth; The Sound of Silence by P. Simon; Hyperjump (from Wall-E) by T. Newman; Stargate Overture by D. Arnold
Here we are!

Is that an oil well?  Bro says this show reminds him of Spirit's love for their Magnolia tree.  That signal is very bright, and now I'm on sensory overload.  "Sound of Silence" was very nice, and CG did a good job, too.

BLUE DEVILS B -- 80.175*
Children's laughter is creepy when it's played like this.  The more they add to this show, the less I understand it.   The narration doesn't help.  Despite this, I got irritated with the lady in back of me whom said to her companion that this show was "Too L.A. for me."  WTF?  I'm from LA,, lady.  NO.  Get your head out of your non-LA butt.  A) Concord is nowhere near L.A.  B) What makes this show "L.A."?  I guess I should just be glad that she doesn't live near me. 
Trees in LA Don't Look Like That

BTW, SCVC won Open Class Championships earlier this week, and swept every caption, so they are the bomb.  Congratulations, SCVC!  The trombone solo kicked ass, and I liked seeing the trumpet soloist next to him grin widely at him.  Awesome job, SCVC.  
Champion Drummers

Baby DCI Cone acquired.  I wonder which corps name will get to be on it in a few days.  V arrived and told us about the craziness she encountered when asking housekeeping staff about the time they would clean our room.  She was so confused that she questioned her understanding of the English language.  "Are you a stayover?"

Those uniforms look familiar

PIONEER --65.913
Repertoire: "Irish on Broadway: The Music of Les Miserables" -- Selections from Les Misérables by C. Schönberg, A. Boublil, J. Natel and H. Kretzmer
French Colors on the Irish Corps

Les Miz!  I like their drums.  "Master of the House" was fun, and I wanted to be drunk with them.  Eponine's mic wasn't working consistently, so we couldn't hear her whole song.  She sounded fine vocally, but I'm just not into the mic'd singing in the drum corps shows, and the part of me that loves this song was wrestling with the part of me that didn't like the concept.  Nice trumpet solo during "One Day More".

JERSEY SURF -- 71.613
Repertoire: "Make It Our Own" -- Shofukan by M. League (Snarky Puppy); Chandelier by Sia and J. Shatkin; An Olive Tree by K. Robinson, Basia, & D. White
Two different drum slips

The drums changed their slips at the same time that the yellow plumes are revealed.  I wish I could see the show again just to see the changeover of the plumes, because I missed that part and had to ask V how it happened.  I like the blue swirly flags they use during "Chandelier".  I don't know why they play "Chandelier" while they're building a fountain, but perhaps that's what they mean by making it their own.  

Repertoire:  "Set Free" -- 1000 Airplanes on the Roof by P. Glass; Symphony No. 10, Mvt.2 by D. Shostakovich; Bird Set Free by Sia; Free Bird by A. Collins & R. Van Zant (Lynyrd Skynyrd); Fly to Paradise by E. Whitacre; Caged Bird (poem) by M. Angelou

There sure are a lot of birds being set free this year.  I really don't like when they use recorded singing.  V told me that it wasn't a recording, but there was a track underneath her voice, so there's another thing on my list of "Why are you doing that in a live drum corps show?" questions.  Part of her lyrics were about singing off key and I honestly wondered if that was on purpose because the recorded track wasn't working with whatever the horns were playing.  I don't want to watch the show again to find out, though.

GENESIS -- 76.125*
Repertoire:  "The Other Side of Now" -- Hide and Seek by I. Heap; Blue Shades by F. Ticheli ; Master of Puppets by C. Burton, K. Hammett, J. Hetfield, & L. Ulrich (Metallica); Land of Confusion by M. Rutherford, T. Banks, & P. Collins (Genesis); Habanera (from Carmen) by G. Bizet; Both Sides Now by J. Mitchell; Pure Imagination (from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory) by L. Bricusse, & A. Newley

I like that rainbow-colored umbrella, which eventually matched the window panes when they pieced them together.  I also liked the different pale-colored plumes.  I did not hear the Genesis song, so I hope I can hear it next time.  More Wonka?!  Sigh.

Repertoire:  "EnCompass" -- Enigma Variations by E. Elgar; Only Time by Enya; Where The Streets Have No Name by Bono; The Edge by A. Clayton, & L. Mullen Jr. (U2)
See the compass on the flag?

Pretty pink flags.  I didn't see the separate pieces of the compass on the field, so I was surprised that there was anything to form it toward the end.  

PACIFIC CREST -- 77.788*
Yep, more compasses!  Great job, Guard!  Loved the solo dance before the Giacchino.  Nice solo for that, too.  Brass and drums did a great job, too.  Yay!  This is now Bro's second favorite PC show (after Dracula).  Me, too.
PC Drums

Repertoire:  "Crossroads: We Are Here" -- Where Am I Going? by G. Vanelli; Wine–Dark Sea (Mvt. I – Hubris) by J. Mackey; Eric’s Song by V. Teng; Liquid Dance by A.R. Rahman;
Shofukan (We Like It Here) by M. League (Snarky Puppy)

V:  "That's...mathematical."
I like their hats.   Their big props are lit up with various colors at different times.  Choir corps!  Great job on the trumpet solo!

TROOPERS -- 81.013* 
Repertoire: "Duels & Duets" -- Part I–The Foe–Romeo and Juliet by S. Prokofiev; Part II–The Friend–Romeo and Juliet by S. Prokofiev; Part III–The Lover– Black Heart Tango by R. W. Smith & P. Rennick; Nessun Dorma by G. Puccini; Part IV–The Foil– The Foil by R. W. Smith
Before The Duel

When did the DCI field judges start wearing black shirts?   Bro told me it happened this year, but I didn't notice back in California because they were on the sidelines instead of amid the corps.  I like all of the fencing steps.  V thought it was too tarp-y, and she doesn't like the colors.  I was too busy watching the drum major.  He's awesome.

I had a salty burger and salty fries.  I guess I'm not having a great food day.  We went to the BD booth so V could buy a shirt she liked, but they told her that they sold out.  What?  She just saw it when she got here today!  That's crazy.  The lady told her to try online.

U.S. Army Band Performance
That was short.  V was thankful because the mics had too much echo.
Add caption

Big, Loud & Live 14 cinema broadcast begins
We're three of the dots in the crowd, if you wondered.

COLTS -- 83.45*
Repertoire: "Both Sides Now" -- Prologue – Theme from We Are Marshall by C. Beck; Logic – Serenada Schizophrana by D. Elfman; Emotion – Both Sides Now by J. Mitchell; Conflict – Symphony #2 by J. B. Chance; Resolution – Lasty Race (from Dreams) by J. Derby
Math Prop

V:  "Ooh, math-y!"
When did they become orange?  Bro said that their uniforms have had more orange in their red as the years go on.  
Sher:  "But there is NO red in this orange...except for the red that mixes with yellow to make orange."
Later, I had to ask V if there was a real person singing.  Nope.  Sigh.

THE ACADEMY -- 83.075*
Somebody knocked down DCI short cone.  Rude.  The props are now behind the pit so the color guard can be featured more, but the bunnies aren't hanging out and being cute during show setup anymore.  Intonation at the beginning was flat.  The hunter accidentally steps on the rubber chicken: "BACOCK!"  "That's all folks!" 
Hunter Now The Hunted

MANDARINS -- 84.213*
There's tarp now, and the edges of the pen nibs are shinier.  I don't know why they don't sell fountain pens at their booth.  Instead, they have chopsticks with no logo or anything special.  The drum major is intense and awesome.  They cover themselves with a big black silk at the end.  So they go back into the ink?  I now want their What The Heck tank top now that I remember the "Crazy" segment.
Write Me A Story

Repertoire:  "The Last Man Standing" -- Territorial Claim – Pilentze Pee (A Birdie Sings) (Traditional); Miraculous Mandarin by B. Bartók; Depletion – Original composition by N. Pourcho; O2 – Original composition by S. Boerma, N. Porcho, & J. Sparling; Hope & Despair – Original composition by S. Boerma, N. Pourcho, & J. Sparling; The Battle Within – Music for Prague 1968 by K. Husa
Does My Hair Look OK?

Whoa.  The DM has a huge mohawk headdress.  They all shaved their heads for this show?  That's commitment.  The show is a little bit too Mad Max-y for me, though.

BLUE STARS -- 87.55*
Repertoire: "Star Crossed" -- Romeo and Juliet by S. Prokofiev; Kissing You by D. Weeks (aka Des'ree) & T. Atack; Number One Crush by B. Vig, S. Manson, D. Erikson, & S. Marker (Garbage); Young and Beautiful by R. Nowels & E. Grant (aka Lana Del Rey); Nature Boy by e. ahbez; Lady Marmalade by B. Crewe & Kenny Nolan; Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend by J. Styne & L. Robin

Needs more Prokofiev.  
Sher:  "Shakespeare didn't have a typewriter...Oh...Gatsby."
Nice brass sound!  Blue Stars does love their tables.

CROSSMEN -- 87.425* 
Repertoire: "Enigma" -- The Question– Original composition by A. Markworth; Endless Possibilities– Kaleidoscope of Mathematics (from A Beautiful Mind) by J. Horner; The Maze – Original composition by A. Markworth; The Struggle – Exit Music by T. Yorke, J. Greenwood, E. O'Brien, C. Greenwood, and P. Selway (Radiohead); The Lightbulb – Original composition by A. Markworth; Piano Concerto No. 1 by K. Emerson

They're in jail?  It's Enigma.  Wait.  Is this about the Riddler?  I want to play with those green things.  V called them math-y.  Good sound, X Men!

This intermission consisted of me finding my bottle of water, which was on the other side of my chair, and realizing that the top I asked V to bring me did, indeed, have a hood.  I sure was wrong about a lot of stuff today.

The narration does not enhance my enjoyment of this show.  V was bothered by all of the sexuality, especially because it does not fit our image of Phregiment.  "Fantasy Invasion."
Sher:  No.
V asked me later why I said that.  I told her that I was saying no to the show in general.   
They have new flags at the end, but alas, they did not find more clothing for the Phantomettes to wear.  The Phantasm is back at the end, so now I'm even more confused about this show. 
New Flag

BLUE KNIGHTS -- 90.175*
Now they spell "hide" correctly on the field.  They changed a lot of stuff, and I don't like it as much because it's not as weird or intense.  What happened to the yellow spin-y props?  I miss them.   

THE CADETS -- 92.263*
Repertoire:  "The Faithful, The Fallen, The Forgiven" -- Devotions: Kyrie Eleison, Simple Song, De Profundis, Agnus Dei, Things Get Broken, Pax: Communion, & Offertory
from Mass by L. Bernstein with incidental music by Dr. D. Shanefield, T. Aungst, & O. Carmenates
Before All The Singing Happened

The intro announcement is too long.  I understand that they were required to have it in order to get the licensing, but it was too long and took away from the setup of the show.  Not that I would have enjoyed it anyway.  I did not like this show.  I did not like the gold shoes.  I did not like the upside-down crosses, but I guess that's the part that we're supposed to forgive.  V said that she thought she saw one of the CG members gyrating toward the cross, and I'm glad I didn't see that because that's too disturbing for me.  The choir needs to move around more and sing a capella in order for me to call this "choir corps".  The choir was amplified so much and sang so much that I couldn't hear the brass at all until the last push.  

Then a man came up the steps to tell his son? grandson?  friend?? that this was the worst show he's ever seen in DCI.  I don't know if it's the "worst" for me, but this is probably my Hot Dog Corps of the year.  Ugh.

Repertoire: "Wicked Games" -- I. Full Forest Moon and Rising of the Sun– Moonlight Sonata by L. van Beethoven; An Invocation of Veles and Ala (from Scythian Suite) by S. Prokofiev;
II. Whispers and Accusations –Whispers (Original composition) by C. McNutt, I. Moyer, and M. Zellers; Contrage Macabre (from Grohg) by A. Copland; III. Tortured– Wicked Game by C. Isaak; IV. Hunt for the Afflicted– Toccata (from Piano Concerto No. 1) by A. Ginastera;
V. Trial and Execution– The Verdict (Original composition) by R. George, C. McNutt, & I. Moyer

They made an upside-down star on the field with their rifles.  That noose scares me a little.  What if they do the wrong move?  What if someone gets angry at someone and does a wrong move on purpose?  I watch too much TV.  They form the word "guilty".  I like the succession of female guard members throwing up their sabers and they catch them while the male guard is holding them up by their necks, then gently lay them down on the field.  Nice, strong brass sound.  Now THAT'S a fire!  Ooh, smoke!  V feels weird that people are cheering at a show during which people are being burned.  The flags even have a silhouette of people, and from far away they look like flames.  

Then I got excited because I was about to hear "Mars".  Bro prepared me for disappointment because there wouldn't be much of it in the show.

THE CAVALIERS -- 94.125*
Repertoire: "Men Are From Mars" -- Also Sprach Zarathustra by R. Strauss; Fanfare for the Common Man by A. Copland; Wine Dark Sea by J. Mackey; Little Green Men by S. Vai;
Theme from Close Encounters of the Third Kind by J. Williams; On the Nature of Daylight by M. Richter; O Superman by L. Anderson; Sun's Gone Dim by J. Jóhannsson; Mars by G. Holst; My Way by C. François & J. Revaux; adapted by P. Anka
Big Drum

Needs more Holst.  Those are shiny playground things, and I want to get in them.  Rifles were flying everywhere!  Cool effect of the tenors being spun around on stands as they played on them.  Do I not get this show because I'm a woman and therefore, from Venus?  I know that the point of the show was the communication difficulty between men and women (like the book), but I thought I would be able to understand.  I don't.

BLUECOATS -- 94.638*
Repertoire: "Jagged Edge" -- Prelude by M. Radice & Thank You Scientist; Psychopomp by Thank You Scientist; Grow Till Tall by Jónsi; One Study One Summary by J. Psathas; Zomby Woof by F. Zappa 
2 Minutes Until Fun Stuff

That was enjoyable!  I needed some smiling and positivity after those last three shows.   How did the DM have a hat all of a sudden?  Maybe the trombone player gave it to him?  Bro made me look at the DM's butt and then it was difficult for me to stop.  I like their hats, especially the different colored lining inside during different how segments.  The CG girls are wearing skimpy "Cabaret"-like outfits.  Brass was awesome, especially that trumpet ensemble!  Wow.

Repertoire: "IT IS" -- Little Fugue in G Minor by J. S. Bach; Crown Imperial by W. Walton; Symphony No. 3 by V. Giannini; Old Home Days by C. Ives; Raveling, Unraveling by P. Sparke; For Good (from Wicked) by S. Schwartz; NO one To kNOW one by A. Akih

Wait.  What happened after "For Good"?  I couldn't understand what she was singing.  Was she angry?  I don't get it.  Also, more singing on mic.  Stop it, please. The flag brass feature during the fugue was awesome, though.

Wait.  Now they're using all of the props at the end for someone to spin across the field?!  Great job, drums!  Brass was beautiful, even though it seemed like the mics weren't working perfectly for the small ensemble.  At least they weren't working for the duet.  The show is still awesome, though.
Rolling Across The Field

  BLUE DEVILS -- 97.363*
You go with that bumblebee, Devs!  Great show.  Those high trumpets!  Also, thank you for hiding your laundry. 
Stairs Sans Laundry

Those scores are CLOSE!  We walked back to the hotel as Miss O told her mom how she lost her tooth today by the bananas in the grocery store.

Next up:  Semifinals

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