Sunday, August 7, 2016

Straight Outta Belle Reve

I made the decision to have a double feature today because I wouldn't have time to fit "Suicide Squad" in my schedule otherwise.  So, after having a yummy snack with Linda at Paradis, we parted ways and I went back to the Krikorian to watch the film in LFX.

  • I don't know why Jared Leto or whomever is saying that his role was basically a cameo on the theatrical cut.  He's in it plenty.  While I do wish that he was in it more, he's not part of the Squad, so why should he have a major part anyway?
  • Hi, Batman!
  • Margot Robbie is awesome as Harley.  So crazy and sexy.
  • I liked seeing the characters' wishes, especially Harley's dream of marrying the Joker and having kids and somehow getting rid of all of their tattoos and weird teeth in the process.
  • The smile tattoo on the Joker's hand made me laugh.
  • Will Smith is also great as Deadshot.  Pretty sure he learned those heavy bag moves from playing Ali.
  • Viola Davis, you badass! 
  • I did not like the way Dr. Moon acted as the Enchantress when she was doing that weird dancing or whatever.  She was moving very oddly and it just didn't look right.
  • The espresso machine in the jail cell: hilarious.
  • The unicorn binky!  That made me giggle.
  • "Triangle, Bitch!"
  • "If he kills me, shoot him and then clear my browser history."

That was fun.  Violent, but fun.

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