Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mic Drop

Rockapella in Laguna
Show #3
Saturday, August 20, 2016 - 7:30 p.m.
Laguna Playhouse
Laguna, CA

After saying goodbye to the family, I waited for my friend Jennifer to arrive.  She was in the mood for some ice cream, and I am not the kind of person that objects to such notions.  KP and Nicole were eating at Romeo Cucina, and had eaten their appetizers at the gelato place next door already, so we didn't wait for them to finish their dinner.  We met up with them at the restaurant to say hi, and they told us about the flavors they tried at Dolce Gelato.  I ended up choosing the Strawberry Balsamic sorbet and the Mango sorbet.  They were both very good, but I preferred the Mango because, well, MANGO.  

KP and Nicole joined us when they finished their dinner, and we all walked to the beach.  I saw a hat store and told JenJ that we could get hats for the show.  She didn't really want to do that, but they were cute hats. 

No matter how many people are on a beach with me, I find some serenity by just staring at the ocean for a little while.  See the happy face?  That's due to a combination of being at the beach and seeing the Pella.

We walked back to the Playhouse and freshened up for the show in the Posse restroom, then headed for our seats in the front row.  We were all seated next to each other, A103-106.  It's Jen J's first Rockapella show!  Let's get to it!  

Sun Brothers

Scott shook hands with us and High Fived the second row.  Love was made for me and Mitch. That's what I got from that song.

KP likes hearing Scott say "Rock-a-pella".


Rock Around the Clock
What is up with Mitch's hair?  It was not like a faux mohawk earlier today.  He has not calmed down at all since this afternoon.  

Jailhouse Rock
Choo Choo WHOOOO!  I love that tritone in the last verse: it sounds like a train whistle.  Calvin and I smiled at each other as Mitch almost ran into him.

Dancing in the Streets
...and JT thrusted 3.5 times.

Just My Imagination
Mitch tried to imitate Scott by sauntering with his microphone stand, then dropped the mic.  BV: "That's the move right there!  Watch the mic this time."
Hi, Bryant!  Scott cleared his throat in time with the music right before his Imagine solo.

Scott got on Thacher Island.  What is he doing there?  During Another Saturday Night, Jeff gestures for Mitch to get out of town.

Moon River
I really like this song at this tempo.

Scott:  Bryant is a true Basso Profundo
Scott:  Jeff has been with Rockapella for over 20 years.  He's started at 5 years old.
Jeff showed how tall he was at 5 years old, then proceeded to pat his imaginary 5 year old's head.
When Scott mentioned records, Calvin and Bryant made motions of an LP being placed on the turn table, putting the needle on the record, and then Mitch understood and they all made DJ motions.  

Paper Doll
Scott is like a rag doll.  Got a smile from Bryant.  Mitch covered his eyes so he wouldn't see or be Flirty Flirty Eyes.

Blame It On The Boogie
During Bryant's solo, he did the Mission Impossible theme and imitated a gun with his hand. I saw this next move coming, and said, "Oh no, oh no..." and Calvin and Mitch ran into each other.  

KP said that Mitch is like a Tasmanian Devil up there.

<rant begins> The lady singing behind me was driving me nuts during the more popular songs.  Lady, I did NOT pay to hear your voice singing during this show. I appreciate that you like the music, but please keep your singing to yourself.  This is a capella.  I'd like to hear their voices and their harmonies, not whatever the hell you want to share.  Cheer all you want, but please do not sing during this show.  That goes for the rest of you out there, too.  I love singing along with them when I'm listening to them at home or in my car.  I mouth the words during the show.  But I do not want others to hear my voice (and I sing in tune and in harmony, thankyouverymuch).  I want the audience to enjoy what I'm enjoying...these very talented guys sharing their music.  This is the problem with Pella doing covers of songs...when everyone knows it, they tend to sing along, which is fine when we're being ASKED to do so.  I don't recall Mitch and Calvin asking us to sing along for the rest of the damn show.  Because they didn't WANT us to do that.  UGH.  <rant ends>


Used Ta Be My Girl
Calvin and Bryant sang to Nicole!

Mitch's reaction to Scott's Ringworm solo is hilarious.  JT did the NBC Peacock flourish after Ringworm, too.  I like how Mitch goes into Superman stance when Scott calls them the "Heroes of Capitalism".  

Scott felt a connection with Jane from Georgia.  She was wearing a hat like the cute ones we saw in the store.  See?  We should have bought those hats.  She was also wearing just a cover-up over her bikini, and she was drunk, almost falling as she tripped up on to the stage with Scott.  Oh, dear.  When Scott told her that he felt the vibe and thought it was telling him that Jane sings fantastically.  Her response:  "Really?  Do you play Pokemon?"  Um, WHAT?!  Oh, yeah, she was drunk.

Stand By Me
She did not sing about Pikachu.

Ain't Too Proud to Beg
Bryant took Jane's hat and wore it.  Afterward, Mitch said, "I need some of what you've been drinking."


Scott pointed to us:  "You know what it is."

Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego?
Bryant and I shimmied at each other, which made him laugh.

Scott:  Come back, tell your friends, bring your friends..or stay away for as long as you want.


Up On The Roof / Wonderful World  (off mic)
OMG, I can't even with the other people singing.

Meet and Greet

JenJ didn't really want to meet the guys because she didn't think she had anything to say to them that was meaningful.  I made her meet Bryant and take a picture with him anyway.

Bryant Sandwich with the Roomies

Nicole told JenJ that the easier way to talk to them is to buy their CD and have them sign it, so JenJ decided to do so, since she liked the music.  She bought a Motown and More CD.  I continued to introduce her to the guys, but she didn't want to be in the pictures, so thank you, JenJ, for taking these!

I love Calvin's hugs!

When I introduced JenJ to Scott, I told him that she, Jenny and I all attended UCI together.  Scott didn't realize that Jenny and I had gone to college together.  I told him that I not only have known Jenny since I was six years old, yes, we also went to college together.  

As we were hanging out and talking to the guys, I turned to Mitch, and said, "Mitch!"  He looked at me.  "The microphone!  Be careful!" and looked at JT.  JT kind of shrugged, like, "Yeah, he's like that."  Mitch said that he knows that he needs to calm down a little bit because he's not going to have much of a paycheck if he breaks stuff.  I mean, I love his energy, I just think he needs to watch out for stuff.

Ah, what a fun-filled day.  We all took the trolley and JenJ and I exited at Lot 17.  My car was all the way around the other side of the school, but the area was well-lit, so I was OK.  My feet were hurting from all of the walking in my sandals, but I was happy.  Happy and tired.  Apologies to y'all for the delayed posts!

Next up:  Show #4

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