Sunday, August 7, 2016

Fear of Death Is What Keeps Us Alive

Linda and I met up for brunch and a movie, so we could use her free tickets at the Krikorian.  Our selection was "Star Trek: Beyond".  I didn't have anything to wear in order to be themed for the occasion, and just made sure that I wasn't wearing a red shirt.  Linda wore her Captain Kirk Gold shirt.  I finally saw the "Rogue One" trailer.  Yay!

  • That opening bit with those little guys was funny, especially because Kirk's hair got all wonky.
  • I think that if I had watched this in 3D, I would have been dizzy.  It was difficult enough to see Yorktown Station in 2D.
  • Zachary Quinto made me cry when he told Bones about Admiral Spock.  Um, I thought I didn't care about this franchise.  But I have liked this set of films so far, which is the reason I told Linda that I wanted to see the movie.
  • "You gave your girlfriend a radioactive necklace?" ... "You gave your girlfriend a tracker?"
  • I like Jaylah.  If I were to dress up as a ST character, I'd dress up as her.
  • Loved Jaylah's trap and how it got Kirk and Bones stuck in those positions.
  • I do not like that Krall guy.
  • Love the music they used.  "Is that classical music?"
  • Hey, is that the Death Star in the schematic of Yorktown?
  • Aw, the picture of the original Star Trek cast.  Awwww.....
  • And then I cried at the dedications at the end.  I mean, I figured they would happen, but I cried anyway.  RIP, Anton and Leonard.
I enjoyed this movie's humor and the sentiment, as well as the action.  These films are making me want to see the series, but I really don't have time for all of that right now.

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