Sunday, June 19, 2016

Rescue, Rehabilitate, Release

After work on Friday, I met up with Bro, V and the kids in Hollywood to hang out before our movie.  They had decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, so I joined them.  One guy who wasn't our server said that he was our coach and that he was there to make sure we were happy, so V asked him to tell us jokes.  Then the guy who was flagging me down outside to meet my family tried to tell us a joke, but it wasn't really a joke.  I was happier with our first coach, so he told another joke and all was good.

Steps at Hollywood/Highland.
 It would be cool if they made music.

Bro laughed at me because several buses got in my way
 when I tried to take this picture.

We had leftovers, and I had my big backpack, so Bro and I went to his car to drop off stuff while V and the kids met up with Linda and Mox in line at the El Capitan for "Finding Dory".  There were a lot of people at the Dolby Theater for some kind of youTube event, so it took a while for Bro to get into the elevator, but we had plenty of time and saw Dodie at the crosswalk and walked in to the theater with her.  We tried to get our VIP refreshments downstairs, but the theater has changed the rules again and we needed to go upstairs.  I almost forgot to pick up my popcorn because I was busy questioning Bro as to why they had cans of flavored water for the VIPs downstairs and they didn't have any for us.

As we walked into the theater, the organist was playing "Under the Sea".  YAY!  The theater was simply decorated with cutouts of plant life that could be found in the ocean.  We were welcomed to the theater, watched some trailers (Pete's Dragon, Queen of Katwe, and Moana), and then the Bubble guy made bubbles.  It reminded me of the ice sculptors that we saw prior to "Frozen".  I was less than whelmed back then, too, but my pictures came out nice.

In Light

Then it was time for the movie and I felt better.

But wait!  We get a Pixar short!  "Piper".
  • How?  How is that water not real?
  • So cute!  I love how the feathers are all messed up when he gets wet.
  • We all now know that if we want something, we might need to look at the situation from a different perspective.  
  • Cindy wants one to play with her baby cheetah. I don't think that relationship would last very long, but stranger things have happened.
OK, now it's time for the fish.
  • Baby Dory is adoryable.
  • "Hello, this is Sigourney Weave.r"
  • I like that one of her flashbacks was the actual scene of when she met Marlin.
  • I see that Nemo still has issues about his overprotective father.
  • "Fun fact: an octopus has 3 hearts."
  • "Cuddle Party!"
  • Lots of crying when I saw the many trails of shells.
  • "What Would Dory Do?"
  • Bailey being self-conscious about his bulbous head: hilarious.
  • Oh, THAT'S why Dory can speak whale!
  • I don't know how, but that sea lion actually does look like a "Gerald".
  • Becky.  Those eyes.  
  • Hank.  I heart him 3X.  He camouflages (which reminded me of the dino in Jurassic World), he drives.  How could I not heart him?
  • Do all of the rays sing, then?  I know that the Evil Manta in the Little Mermaid series sang.
  • Hey!  It's the fish from the dentist office!
This was a fun movie.  I didn't like it as much as I liked "Finding Nemo", but I know I'll enjoy seeing it again whenever.
With Dory and Miss O

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