Sunday, June 19, 2016

Wreak Havoc

Friends and I saw "X-Men: Apocalypse" last week.  
  • I could not recognize Oscar Isaac in that makeup.
  • Poor Magneto.  I'd be pissed off, too.
  • So...all of that destruction was her fault for not replacing the rug over the hole in the ground, am I right?
  • Nightcrawler counting to 3:  "One...two...." (looks at hooves)
  • I think that Psylocke's weapon is a mutant lightsaber.
  • Oooh...Phoenix!
  • Four Horsemen.  Apocalypse.  I get it!
  • Aw, there goes the hair.
  • I like Angel's new wings...but how does he not fall?  Aren't those really heavy?
  • "'s a man!"  You bet it is!  I knew as soon as I saw that box.
  • "Hope that's the last we've seen of that guy."  Sherry, to Cindy:  "Not bloody likely."
  • Ha ha.  Comment about the 3rd movie in the series being the worst.  So meta.
  • "Thank you for letting me in."
  • "I know what everybody feels."
  • I wonder if Quicksilver will ever tell his father that he has a son.
I liked this movie, probably because it has origin stories.  You know how I like those, especially when I'm not that familiar with the comic books.  

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