Friday, March 25, 2016

The Bat, the Alien, and the Amazon

As I was waiting for my plane yesterday at the Sacramento airport, I went online to see the showtimes for today's opening of "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice".  Then I realized that it had already opened, and saw that there were showtimes late into the night.  Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are my 3 favorite superheroes.  I didn't want to wait another day.  So I mentioned it to my tweeps, and a few of them decided to join me once we figured out what time we could go:  11:35 p.m.  Yikes.  But you know, all I'd do when I got home was wish that I could be at the movies, so I went for it.  After some anxiety because the plane was slightly delayed, I decided to meet my friends at the theater, even though that meant that I wouldn't be able to go home and change into my new BvS shirt.   I'd been looking for this shirt because I love the logo, and was really happy when I found it at Hot Topic. Oh well.  I met up with my friends at the ArcLight in Pasadena, where they always have a cool display for me to take pictures.  We saw the movie in 3D.

Glowy eyes


The Bat
I Love this Logo

  • I like that the film addresses all of the damage to Metropolis that happened in the previous film by the character that lost part of his legs and the buildings falling down, as well as people like Bruce being upset that Supes brought more danger to the world.
  • That was a hugigant statue of Superman.
  • Interesting that at one point, he is referred to as "The Superman".  Like "The Batman".
  • I don't think it's a fair fight if Batman has that big uniform and he's fighting against a Kryptonite-poisoned Superman.  
  • How in the heck did he walk in those heavy shoes?
  • "I figured.  The cape."  (I love those long capes).
  • Lots of dreams/nightmares.  Bruce can really get messed up in the head.  Not that the fact is news or anything. 
  • I never had the connection before that both of them were orphans.  Clark was found, though, so he was the lucky one.  I guess that's part of Bruce's jealousy toward him.
  • Wait.  Batman's mom's name was Martha, too?  I don't think I ever knew that.
  • I got excited when I saw the different symbols on the screen for Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Aquaman.
  • I need to do some research on Cyborg because he's the only one out of the 4 meta-humans on Luthor's file about whom I don't really know much.
  • Superman is a vampire.  This is my interpretation of the end of the movie.
  • Hello, Clark with the no shirt!  My goodness.
  • I didn't realize that Gotham was located so close to Metropolis.
  • Loved seeing Wonder Woman use her bracelets and lasso!  
  • "I don't think you've ever known a woman like me."
  • I like Jesse Eisenberg. I can't decided if I like him as Lex, though.  I'm so used to everyone else playing him with a slower rhythm of speech, very exact.  He plays like a rapid-fire brained evil genius, which, I guess, would be necessary for someone always being a step ahead of everyone, but I'm not used to it. 
  • Had I not already seen that Hans Zimmer did the score, I probably would have figured it out, what with all of that drumming.  Probably one of the reasons I like Zimmer so much.
  • Also, Eric Whitacre contributed to the music, and the choral portions are from his choir.  Love that Whitacre.
  • Hi, Jeremy Irons!  I like his portrayal of Alfred, and that he gets to do some hands-on stuff by remotely controlling the stealth bomber plane thing.
  • Both of the Lo sisters worked on this film!  Yay!  (I grew up with them).
Afterward, Arclight showed an interview with Deborah Snyder, whom was a producer on the film and is currently director Zack Snyder's wife.   Hey, that's Arclight Pasadena!  

I hope that I get a chance to see this movie again while it is still in theaters.  Because those 3 are my jam.  

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