Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Flirty Eyes for Only You

The Mills Brothers with the All-Star Big Band
Friday, January 15, 2016
Lewis Family Playhouse
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Last week, I met up with JeffEvs to see The Mills Brothers.  Wendy ushered that night, and we chatted for a while between assistance to patrons.  Rockapella covers three Mills Brothers songs, so I wanted to see the folks that influenced Scott to arrange their music.  My biggest hope was that we would hear 

Our seats were in the first row, house right.  These are JeffEvs' favorite seats.  We saw that the middle section had 6 seats in the second row that were empty.  If Rockapella hadn't been at a gig that night in NYC, they should have sat in those seats.  I'm sure that Scott would have loved to be there!

The original Mills Brothers are no longer with us, but John H Mills, II performed with his father Donald.  Elmer Hopper performed with the Platters prior to joining John to form this new version of The Mills Brothers.  Elmer said that he was happy to be singing Mills Brothers music because his voice can't do the Platters' stuff every night due to the notes being so high.  

JeffEvs has seen the All-Star Big Band before on this stage, so I guess they don't tour with the Mills Bros.  John was the maestro and we were close enough to hear him tell them what they would play next.  He kept talking about how wonderful it is to perform live music and have all of these folks come out to hear the music. 

I didn't write notes during the show, so here's what we remember them singing that night.

Opus One
This song is known by many as an instrumental piece, but the Mills Bros added lyrics.

Yellow Bird
I like the flute parts, with the bird whistles.

Cab Driver

Paper Doll
Happiness!!!  Elmer looked at me during the Flirty Flirty part!  It was almost like someone told him that it was mandatory when singing that song.  Thank you, Elmer!

Basin Street Blues

(a Duke Ellington song)

Only You (Platters)
Elmer was very excited that he reached the famous high note.  I went nuts when he did.  "oh oh..oh only you...."

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Platters)

Still There's You

You Only Hurt The One You Love

You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You

The Glow-Worm
John asked the audience to sing along.  I couldn't, because I only know the Christmas lyrics.

Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)

Lazy River
YAY!!!!  That's 3 for 3 for songs that Rockapella covers!  I did sing along with this one.

Afterward, we talked to them at the Meet and Greet.  JeffEvs got John to sign his program for CSL4.  He told him about Rockapella, and John said that there's a lot of talent out there.  Dude, you're supposed to ask me more details about Rockapella! Oh well.  I tried!  We took pictures with him and thanked him for such a wonderful show.

With John Mills

I told Elmer that I was happy that he looked at me for the Flirty Flirty portion of "Paper Doll", and then that I was all excited during "Only You".  He signed my program "To Only You".  We took pictures with him and his granddaughter.  She closed her eyes in my picture, though.

With Elmer Hopper

WhoEvs and I went to Johnny Rockets for dinner.  They didn't have any Mills Bros on the playlist, so we didn't pay for the jukebox.  

That was a fun show, and I'm really glad that I went.  The crowd really appreciated them.  They are locally-based, so we need them to have another show here when Rockapella is in town for a few days so that they can watch.  We have decided.  Let's make it so!

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