Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Long Time We Waited, For That Galaxy Far, Far Away

Warning:  Spoilers Ahead.  Most of my movie posts contain spoilers, but I felt this needed extra warning. After all, I am one of the ones whom avoided a lot of stuff for months for fear of inadvertent (and blatant) spoilers.

My friends got tickets for some of us for the 1:35 a.m. showing of "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens" on opening day 12/18/15.  Yup. A.M.  I happened to have an appointment the previous afternoon, so after that appointment and dinner, I took a 3-hour nap.  Then I got ready and Glenn picked me up to go to the El Capitan Theatre.

El Cap Marquee

There were long lines to get in, which was weird, because all of the seats were reserved, even those that were not VIP seats.  There was also a long line across the street at the Chinese Theater for the same movie.  Weird that both theaters were showing the same thing, as was the Cineramadome, but it's not surprising.  This is the most highly anticipated movie of the year, hands down.  We met up with Cindy and Katie, and I gave Katie a pair of Ewok earring that I bought for her at Dallas Comic-Con.  I was wearing rebel pilot/x-wing earrings with my Star Wars Celebration shirt.  Katie was ensconced in BB-8 wear, except for her earrings.  Cindy had her Tauntaun plush, Katie had her BB-8 plush (of course), and had my Santa Chewie itty bitty.  Mox met up with us, and we waited.  The message that the El Cap sent out earlier in the week was that the show would start on time, which didn't make any sense when Glenn did the math.  1:35 came around and went.  We finally got into the theater after 2:00.  The organist played his regular Disney music, then added some music from "Star Wars" and the crowd was happy and forgot all about the long wait, because we were finally going to see STAR WARS!!!  

First Order Curtain

We saw trailers for "The Jungle Book", "Zootopia", and "Captain America: Civil War".  Our group was most excited about the third one, but I think we're all looking forward to the other 2 as well.  Then we saw a lighsaber show that was pretty cool.

Then...WHOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!! that Lucasfilm logo was on the screen, and the crowd went wild and then quickly silent once the legendary crawl began.

  • I agree with Cindy:  I miss the Fox fanfare.
  • "Do I talk first, or you talk first? I talk first?"
  • BB-8 is adorable.  So was the meet cute between Finn and Rey.
  • "Stop holding my hand!"
  • "Are you all right?"'re the one that was just knocked out, dude.
  • BB-8 is Spider-man.
  • Phasma.  Now I know who is wearing the helmet that looks like the purse that I want.
  • "Is there a garbage chute?  Or trash compacter?"  <grin>
  • I cried every time Han and Leia were on screen together.  EVERY. TIME.
  • "You changed your hair."   "Same jacket."  "This is a different jacket!"
  • The reveal of Kylo Ren's heritage:  I KNEW IT!  There were many gasps in the theater, though, including mine.
  • I haven't hated a character in a long time.  Kylo Ren, you broke my streak.  EVIL.  Also, you have anger management issues.  Ask your stormtroopers.
  • I have guesses as to the lineage of the others in this story, but I guess I'll have to wait about 2 years to maybe find out.  
  • "You might not recognize me because of my red arm."
  • "TWELVE!!!"
  • Loved all of Chewie's reactions.
  • I liked that Force mind battle between Ren and Rey.
  • I guess the destruction of Alderaan didn't have enough emotional impact in "A New Hope", because this time, we saw the people watch their planet get destroyed.  Sadness ensued.  
  • "And I will drop my weapon."
  • "Women always find out the truth.  Always."
  • "That's not how the force works!"
  • Their son's name is "Ben".  Sigh.
  • Why is the Supreme Leader so BIG?
  • Dammit, people, why do you get into close proximity with anyone wielding anything sword-like?  DAMMIT.
  • The light saber duel in the snow.  YES!
  • So Mark Hamill gets second billing, and didn't have to say a damn thing.  What a cushy job!
  • I agree with Mox:  it would have been cool to see BB-8 as Bad Robot.
Stuff on display downstairs:
BB-8 and Finn's costume

Rey's costume and BB-8
Leia's costume
Han's costume
Stormtrooper uniform
Millenium Falcon


Bumpy BB-8

Rey, BB-8 and Kylo Ren

That's a lot of LEGOs

I loved this movie.  I want to see it a lot of times in the theater, in all kinds of formats.  Now I get to read all of the spoiler-y stuff that I avoided.  Yay!

May The Force Be With You.  Always.

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