Sunday, February 28, 2010

The School of Life

The other non-football related movie that I watched on Super Bowl Sunday was "An Education".

  • I'm still trying to find out why Jenny was alone, standing out  in the rain with her cello and no umbrella in the first place.  Nobody else needed a bus ride home?
  • I liked the score.  Lovely.  I want the soundtrack.
  • Ah, the things we overlook for love when we're young.  Part of me wishes that I was that innocent again.  Part of me is really glad that I'm not. ;)
  • Let this be a listen to all of you young gals out there:  if your boyfriend is a con artist, you are probably being conned, too. 
  • So does everyone mature when they go to France?  Or do they only mature when they lose their virginity there? 
  • Nice car, David.
  • I felt sorry for the kid who played in the orchestra with Jenny.  So innocent and adoring of her, he just had no chance whatsoever against the sophistication of the Dude With The Great Car.
  • Great performances throughout by all of the cast.  Carey Mulligan is awesome, as were Peter Sarsgaard and Alfred Molina.
  • I was annoyed by Helen because she so willingly accepted things the way they were, and never bothered to tell Jenny the truth about David.  I mean, at least Danny got upset about the whole thing.  But I guess they were used to David fooling around by the time they met Jenny. 
  • I knew that I had seen Olivia Williams (Ms. Stubbs) before, but couldn't place her until I actually looked at the movie's website today.  DUH.  She was on "Dollhouse"!
This was an excellent movie.  I'm still listening to the music on the website.  I really need to go get that soundtrack.

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