Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Light in the Darkness

I had been wanting to see "Precious" for a long time, ever since I saw a couple of the actors being interviewed on "The Ellen Degeneres Show".  I knew that it would be an emotional movie, though, so I put it off during the holidays,  not really wanting to deal with all of the crying that I knew would happen.  Awards season had started, though, so it was time for me to start seeing the "serious" movies that I had put off until now.   Tissues for tears at the ready, I finally went.

  • Precious' fantasy segments were cute.  Once I understood what was happening, I would get a smile on my face every time she daydreamed, especially when she was imagining herself as a star.
  • I didn't know that alternative schools like Each One/Teach One existed.  How totally neat.  I'm glad that those schools are there to give students a chance at getting an education outside of the systems that have failed them.
  • Wow, Mo'Nique.  I was amazed by her performance.  I hated her character, and when she's talking to the social worker at the end of the movie, I was just ... floored.  Her accolades are well-deserved. 
  • Gabby Sidibe was amazing, too. You wouldn't think, seeing her performance, that she is actually such a bubbly person in real life (as evidenced in the video link above).  And to think that this was her first movie role EVER?!  Wow.
  • Mariah Carey was great, too.  Funny how it takes her being almost unrecognizable for her to garner the respect from the acting community that she has now received. 
  • I wish that all teachers were like Paula Patton's character, Ms. Rain.
  • The food just all looked gross to me.  Except for the fruit that the nurse (Lenny Kravitz) was eating.
  • Loved Sherri Shepherd's look when she met Lenny Kravitz.
  • Yes, the tissues were needed. 
  • Amazing film.  I love that feeling of hope that I had after watching it.  There was so much that was disturbing, yet, through it all, there can still be a light in a person's life.
A must-see movie.  Just remember to bring your hankies. ;)


  1. OK, I haven't seen the movie yet, so I didn't actually read your post, but since I know what it's about, and I just saw this article with some tidbits about the director and who called him because they liked his movie, I thought you might be interested - .


  2. this movie was phenomenal. loved it.