Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can I Put George Clooney in my Backpack?

Linda and I saw "Up In The Air" the other day after brunch at Mimi's and a little shopping to pass the time.

  • I think that there needs to be a live action George Clooney film in IMAX.  Hummina.
  • I loved the way that the film began and ended with the silence during a flight, especially the way that the score ended and all you can hear is, like, air.
  • Linda and I were digging on the "This Land Is Your Land", however, I said to her, "That is *not* how the song goes!"
  • OK, I was really liking Vera Farmiga's character until that scene in Chicago.  "You are a parentheses."  Ooh, harsh, much?
  • I love those shots of Clooney standing at the airports in front of the window and the big board, and the gorgeous aerial view of the different cities.
  • How interesting that someone who minored in psychology would think that firing people through video conferencing would actually work well.  Not that she had better success doing such while face-to-in-person-face.
  • The scene where he's telling Anna Kendrick's character how to pack luggage was hilarious.  As a semi-frequent traveler, I sometimes want to throw other travelers' stuff into the trash can like that.  I know that it's difficult to pack lightly sometimes, but forget the pillows, people!
  • Really interesting conversation between the women about what they look for in a guy at different ages.  The hopeless romantic in me says, "You should never settle.  I don't care how old you get.  Regret can happen at any age."
  • I think that Jason Bateman and J.K. Simmons must be Jason Reitman's go-to cast members / lucky charms.
  • American Airlines: KA-CHING!  I only wish that I actually liked that airline.
  • It wasn't until the final song that I actually got the double meaning of the movie's title.  Duh, Sherry.
This was an excellent movie, and well-deserving of its many accolades.  It makes me want to spend more time with people to make sure that I don't go into eternal isolation-in-cyberspace.  I hope it does the same for you.  To quote "Seinfeld"'s George Costanza: "We're living in a society here!"

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