Sunday, January 10, 2010

California Loves Kevin

Rockapella in Malibu

Smothers Theatre -- Pepperdine University

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A few nights before the show, I was in a baking frenzy and made goodies for Da Boyz. I also had a Tea and Sympathy at my place with my PellaPusher Posse, so that we could commiserate and do a couple of projects before the show. Had I not finished my baking before then, it would have been like last year's craziness where they would watch me from the safety of the dining room as I hurriedly mixed and baked and cooled and stuff. Thank goodness for Furlough Friday and my getting stuff done before that, so that I could actually enjoy my friends' company. Thanks to everyone for coming and bringing food (yummy!), and I'm sorry to those of you that couldn't be there.

With projects and goodie bags ready to go, I waited for Wendy & Jeff to arrive so that we could try to get to the venue early. After cruising around for parking, I ended up parking illegally so that I could just drop off the goodie bags so they'd be ready for the guys before the show. Thank you to Wendy & Jeff and the box office personnel for helping me out! We went to dinner at Coogie's, and I enjoyed my strawberry & spinach salad. Their bread had currants in it...or cranberries... something kinda fruit-ish, but anyway, it was yummy. (Have I told you that I'm typing this under the influence of an adult drink?)

When we returned to the venue, we were able to score one of the last parking spaces in the regular lot, and somehow found the Posse. Those that weren't able to make it to the Tea had the opportunity to sign my project for Kevin, then we went to our seats. Luckily enough for Aura, her family friends were able to take her tickets, PLUS she was able to actually make it to see the full show, gratis. :) Nice! Karla and I had taken the last 2 seats that were together in the last-minute-offered Pit section, and I abandoned my friends, but at least we were able to give our initial tickets to Jenn and Nicole. This pit section ordeal was a pain for all in the front row, but at least we were able to take advantage of it. Thanks, Hank, for letting me know, and sorry at the same time. I saw Gordon and said hello, and also Hank & Sharyn. I love seeing my fellow Cali fans.

Rockapella started their show late as usual. My theory for the night was that Kevin was so sad about this being the last California show that he just couldn't bear to start singing. Finally, the lights dimmed, and we were ready to go.

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

The moment I heard Kevin's voice, I started to tear up, but then realized that I still had this show plus another show to hear him. Kevin had on a nice black corduroy jacket and gray vest with a black shirt. Scott, claiming to be Malibu Barbie, looks slimmer in black than anyone in the world, including the aforementioned doll. George and John looked like candy canes with their red & white, and Jeff wore a gray suit over his black shirt. Gosh, I love those red shoes that Geo wears.

Hope We Hold

Quite different from the set of inflatable stuff of last year, this year's stage was decorated with pretty tealights all over the floor in the front and back (not in the dancing area). Scott said that So Cal is "a planet all unto yourselves." He said, "I see Cali is in the Christmas spirit. When does that big lake ice over? And where is this Malibu Barbie, my mentor?" Darnitall, if I knew that he'd be talking about MB and if I could find mine, I would have brought it to the show. Like I didn't have enough to think about.

They did the intro for Zip, in order to show off the voice parts.

Scott asked if anyone was celebrating Hanukkah, and was impressed that there were several people responding in the audience. He said, "We were in Dallas yesterday, and not a one."


Winter Wonderland
The guys were walking like an old man during the last "walking in a Winter Wonderland", because Scott did so. I love the ad libbing.

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
Scott had a little guitar solo that I don't remember from before. Kevin apparently crippled hiimself during his Moonwalk. I'm loving that Scott whistle. I think that it's my favorite part of that song, aside from the choreography that Karla and I have memorized.

Scott said that they started out in NYC, and somebody clapped. He asked them, "You live here now?" and they said, "Yeah!" Kevin interjected, "She's like, 'What's it to you?!'" Scott responded , "You brought it up."

Glow Worm
Otherwise known as what Pella sounded like back in the 30s. John did the sound of a needle coming off of a record at the end.

Little Mary Snowflake

Kevin asked, "Is everyone ready for the holidays? You're all set, everything to go, gifts bought?" Everyone: "NO."

Kevin said, "We were in Texas last night in Dallas, and we were watching a Texas football game, and I think that we can always go back to Texas now because they won and they think we're their lucky charm...which is weird because it was snowing when we got there."

"So it's cold, and you have to get everything out of the closet, along with Meredith Baxter Birney. I can't believe it took her so long to figure it out. That was my favorite show as a kid."

"We got some news...We're having another kid. And you're like, 'Gosh, how old is that guy?!' It was kind of a surprise." YAY! (I knew because Angela had texted me after the Dallas show, but I didn't want to spoil it for the CA folks).

"It is quite different when we go to different cities for the holidays. We're excited to go to California because whenever we come to California, they're just ready to go! Be careful in Texas on the ice, though, because people are running into fire hydrants, trees and nine irons."

Kevin is Mr. Topical.

Love and the Lights
I love sitting with Karla for this song, so that we can sing our favorite line together.

Scott said, "Usually I miss this because we're on the road, but Rudolph showed up early enough so I was able to enjoy it. Back when I was a kid, there were no DVDs or DVRs, so you just watch the credits roll and the tears start streaming down my face." He talked about, and JT made the sound of Yukon Cornelius' axe being thrown into the air. Scott said, "He is great to have on a long van ride." He then went on about YC licking his axe, "What, does gold taste like something? First of all, why are you putting your tongue on a cold axe?" (Yukon was actually looking for peppermint, but that was cut out of the show).

Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer
JT pointed his mic at us for the "Yahtzee" yell. Scott noticed the two of us at this point and pointed to us.

John talked about going "to my favorite store, Wal-Mart. I needed to get some toothaste and a toothbrush, and a lady was staring at me. I'm like, 'Is she checking me out?'" She was in another aisle, and staring at him, and told John that he reminded her of her son, Joe, in Afghanistan. She asked him that, when she left, could John please say "Goodbye, Mom" to her, so that she could say, "Goodbye, Joe." So they did just that. John got up to the cashier with his toothbrush & toothpaste, and was charged $152.00. When asked why it was so much, the cashier said, "Your mom said you'd pay." John "ran outwide and the woman was holding things and fell on something, pulled herself up, and I pulled her on leg...just like I'm pulling your leg right now." Oh, had me in tears about that lady!

Scott took off his suit jacket, and he had polka dots on his shirt underneath, in a stylish way.

John gave a shout-out to the military, noting that according to the new plan in Washington, they would be home in 15 months. He dedicated the next song to them.

Merry Christmas, Darling

Scott talked about finding Jeff when he joined the group. They found him in a hotel on a rainy night in L.A. JT said, "Everyone went out and I was singing in a hotel room with Sean."

Scott talked about finding Kevin, and I sighed. Scott said, "and there's a sad ending to the story." Kevin said, "We're friends with a lot of the fans here." I thought, "Hey! That's us!" He and Kevin and Scott, together, told Scott's favorite California story. They were driving back from a venue, and were stuck in traffic ("sitting in traffic in California -- imagine that!"), and witnessed a car accident in front of them. A car hit another car, which hit another car, and then another, a total of 4 cars. 3 guys jumped out of the car that had hit the other car, and ran off of the exit. Kevin said, "That's so wrong. We've got to get 'em. Let's go catch 'em!" They were illegal immigrants in a stolen car. Kevin was driving, and followed them, driving around. The cops came and said "You guys can go." They called Kevin back to identify them. Scott said, "Kevin is Erik Estrada," which prompted Kevin to talk about his love for the CHiPs theme. Kevin said, "I loved the music from CHiPs so much that I taped the song from my TV, and I would walk around with my recorder singing the song." I can totally picture Kevin on his bike, riding around and singing the tune. I am really going to miss Kevin's stories.

Scott said that the first original Christmas songs by Rockapella were New York-tinged, because they were based out there for a long time.

This Christmas Day
Scott slapped his butt during "ring on my cell". When he sang "snuggle up and make new friends," Kevin moved his stool away.

Christmas, Don't Be Late
When Kevin ran out after being yelled for, he said in a chipmunk voice, "Okay!" During Jeff's solo, he doubled over, a la James Brown. Kevin and John brought out a jacket from backstage, that lit up with Christmas lights. It was REALLY bright. Karla noted, "He has a cord." Scott asked for a Jonas Bros DVD. At the end of the song, JT said, "Unplug me, Kevin. I've had enough." Scott said, "Nice suit there, Joseph." (OK, that's what I wrote down. Perhaps he said "Jeff", and I was thinking of Mr. Fiennes at the time. I don't know). JT responded, "It worked out."

Please Come Home for Christmas
Scott was so sexy with that mic stand, until the point that he hit the speaker. Oops. I love the "This is MY song!" when Geo serenaded the gal in the front row.

Happy Kwanzaa

Santa Claus is Comin' To Town
Shelby was chosen from the audience. Karla informed me that the little girl had been sneezing all over the lobby before the show. So everytime one of them touched her, I cringed. Then everytime that person touched his face for the rest of the night, I cringed. ACK! Don't get sick! Shelby was wearing nail polish. Kevin said, "That is very cool. They're tiger-y kinda, pink iwth black lines." As there was not much of a response, Kevin asked Shelby, "Are you OK?" No! Get her germs off stage! Hank texted me to tell me that Shelby was going to do a Linda Blair and puke. Finally, Kevin got the information out of Shelby that she is 10 years old and in the 5th grade, and her favorite subject is Science. Kevin said, "I liked science, too. That and zoology and P.E." He then asked, "Is there some sort of present you would like?" Shelby said, "" Kevin said, "Wow, Congratulations, Mom and Dad! Do you want to come to Florida?" Shelby: "I've been there." During the song, John said, "Yo, what's up, Santa?", and Kevin kept cracking a invisible whip. I just wanted to give Purell to all of them. Sorry, Shelby.

Christmas Without You

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

George said, "I was listening to that last song, and I thought, 'I want to sing like a woman.'"

We all sang Silent Night.

You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

Angels We Have Heard on High


Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego?
Ooh, a Pella drumline, just for Sherry. :) It morphed into some Billie Jean, but then they lost whatever key they were supposed to be in. Oops.

Jingle Bell Rock

Karla and I yelled for California Sad-Eyed Girl, but they didn't hear us.

I saw Wendy passing down the signs that we made the night before, and their row spelled out "We love you Kevin". The guys were all, "Awwww...." Cute.

Hold Out for Christmas (off mic)

Meet and Greet
The MnG was scattered, so it was mostly look-for-whomever-you-want-to-talk-to, which can be more relaxing and more crazy at the same time. Kevin was the first Pella member that I saw, but Aura was still signing my book, and I so wasn't ready for him yet, so I asked him not to leave without my seeing him.

Aura and I talked to 2 members from a cappella band M-pact, one of which had given some insight about the a cappella world to the producer of the upcoming a cappella competition, "The Sing-Off." Nice guys. Thanks for introducing me, Achau!

I talked to Fred for awhile, who asked if the goodie bags were from me, and we talked about goodie ingredients. He said that they had 2 shows in the same venue scheduled for the next morning, which were for kids from 2 schools. Oh, how I envied those children all of a sudden!

John said that his college professor told him the story about the lady in the supermarket, and he was crying like me when he heard it.

The PellaPusher & The Leg-Puller
George and I talked about the pretty cross pendant that was on his necklace. He's had it for awhile, but had it out in the open tonight. I guess that I was concentrating on crosses a lot, because I had mentioned John's to him, too.  We also talked about his "dad", Joe.

Sher & Geo

Jeff E and I talked to Scott about "The Sing-Off". Scott had been asked to be a judge, but the shows were during the next two upcoming weeks, and Rockapella is booked solid during this time. He didn't know how he could be a judge, either, because he figured that they'd all be good. He's so humble. He was, like, "I mean, who am I?" I was thinking, "You're Scott Frickin' Leonard, that's who!" but didn't say it out loud. I said that it would have been nice to at least have them perform one night, but again, their schedule as too difficult to accomodate that. I then berated Scott for not singing California Sad-Eyed Girl as I had requested, but that had been 2 months before, so OK.

Scott & Sher

While waiting to talk to Kevin, I went outside to where Jeff was, in order to get his signature on my program. He said, "I was wondering where you were!" and gave me a big hug. I don't know what's making JT so happy to see me lately, but I like it. :)

Sher & Kev

Sigh, Kevin. The PellaPusher Posse and I gathered around as I presented him with the Photobook that I made for him, and that most of us signed. He started to read a few pages, and even schooled me on where the cover picture (of the Rockapella members when he first joined) was taken. After he went through a few pages, he said, "Oh, this is too touching. I can't read this right now." It was such a sweet reaction that I'm crying as I type this.

Kevin reading his book

Somebody said that we needed a picture of Kevin with the California Sad-Eyed Girls, and while we stood there and smiled, somebody (I think it was Kevin) started to sing the chorus of the song. We could have probably sung the whole thing with him, had I not freaked out when I looked at Kevin and realized out loud, "OhmyGodwe'resingingwithKevin!!!!" It was a beautiful moment that I ruined. Sorry, gals. I will cherish that moment forever, though, and will always think of it when I hear that song. I mean, there we were, and I couldn't believe that Kevin had an arm around me and was singing OUR song, and I was singing with him. If I ever get senile, I hope that one of the things that I babble about will be that moment. Heck, I do that already. Thank you for the moment, Kevin.

I don't know why I didn't hand my video camera over to one of the Posse to record the entire thing, but here's as much as I have.

An a cappella group performed a Jason Mraz song for whomever was still around, and then we said our goodbyes to Kevin again. I hope that y'all that saw him for the last time that night had enough time to talk to him.

I hugged my posse good night and Merry Christmas, and drove home with Wendy & Jeff, all of us just raving all the way home about the fantastic evening. Thanks for carpooling with me, W&J!

Thank you to Pepperdine and Rockapella for having Kevin's last show at my alma mater. I may not have studied at the campus, but I graduated there, and I can't think of anything else that would make that campus a sweeter place for me than to have my favorite guys sing there.

Kevin and his California Sad-Eyed Girls

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  1. Good memories all around; before, during, and after the concert. And don't we sound good singing with Kevin? Now that he's not in RP, maybe he'll want to start a group with us?