Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Devil Chops Onions

Linda and I saw "Julie & Julia" 2 Sundays ago. Then Lo wanted to see it when we were hanging out on a Friday night, so I've seen it twice now. It's good that I liked it enough the first time to go back for seconds!

My thoughts on all of the deliciousness, which did not waver from one viewing to the next:
  • I'm demented. I was happy that the live lobsters that V and I brought home one night were killed in a car accident. Or was that just one of the lobsters? Oh, yeah, Bro played the Lobster Killer part that night. None of us jumped that night that I remember. But Lori did, while watching it.
  • Bouef Bourguinon. Somebody with a lot of time on their hands, or that is trying out the Julia Child cookbook needs to make that and let me taste it. That's YOU, Jenn. :)
  • Amy Adams was cute in her part, and I think that I was annoyed with her in the appropriate places.
  • Meryl Streep was jaw-droppingly awesome, as usual. From her first word to the final expression, she WAS Julia Child.
  • Loved the shoes that Julia wore (those brown/cream ones). If she was so tall, why did she keep wearing heels? I guess either she didn't care, or she couldn't find flats in her size.
  • As Lo said, "Why did she seem to have a British accent if she was from Pasadena?" Nobody I know talks like that, and I've lived in the Pasadena area for most of my life.
  • Even though I had a big brunch before the first showing, I was hungry after the movie. I armed myself with Red Vines for the second one, and pretty much ate a piece of licorice each time a new dish was on the screen. Surprisingly, I had some left over, and I had shared with Lo. My goodness, that food looked divine.
  • I've decided that I don't want to be a French chef. Far too complicated for me. I would need a ton of time, a huge vat of butter, and people to eat the food that weren't worrying about weight or cholesterol or any other health problems.
  • I do, however, want to eat French food soon. It's been awhile.
  • Really liked the chemistry between Meryl Streep & Stanley Tucci. It's weird to see "The Devil Wears Prada" after that, though.
  • So, seriously: people actually pin those huge paper hearts on themselves for a beautiful Valentine's Day dinner? And what was up with that big blue ring that Paul wore?
  • I liked the parallels that were shown in the two characters' lives.
  • So I'm picturing a bunch of fans of Julia and/or Julie now placing butter at the Smithsonian display. Do you think they had to put up a sign saying "No Butter Here, Please"? Or did they place a sign saying "Butter Donations Here" and then leave a little refrigerator there? Clearly, I've thought that part over too much.

A great movie. Here is an interview with Nora Ephron about making the movie. Love the stats at the bottom on how much food was made.

If you're anywhere near being a foodie, or just like to see great acting, see this movie. But don't blame me for being hungry if you don't eat beforehand. Bon Appetit!

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  1. I just stared when Julie/Amy Adams complained that she was getting so fat from eating all that food.

    Ummm, yeah, ok. I wanna be her idea of fat.