Friday, September 11, 2009

As Time and Tears Go By

Jenn and I met up at Paseo Colorado last Friday.  She arrived while I was trying on a gown at Loehmann's, so she went shopping, and found some stuff for herself as well.  We had lunch at Islands, and I enjoyed my Coke Lime Ice.  Oh, the food was yummy, too, but that's a given at Islands, right?

We then saw "The Time Traveler's Wife."  Jenn had already read the book, so she had been looking forward to the movie.

My thoughts:
  • Hello, Eric Bana's butt.  It's very nice to meet you so early in the movie. :)
  • So the Bana nudity made me think of him being the Hulk, because, really, the Hulk's clothes would not actually be magically stretchy in real life, so he should be nude, right?  Well, yes, and green.
  • I actually wasn't sure if I'd like Bana in this role, but he did a great job.  I think that he won me over when he finally showed some emotion.  Up until then, I was like, "Does he have a facial expression besides this one?"
  • Rachel McAdams did a wonderful job.  I could feel the happiness that she was portraying with the character, and the sadness and the frustration.
  • I liked the casting of Brooklyn Proulx as Young Clare.  She really looks like a young McAdams, and I absolutely enjoyed the way she was jealous of Henry's wife, not knowing that he was actually married to *her* in the future.
  • The special effects of the time travel seemed to be like Patrick Swayze's effects in "Ghost." 
  • The funniest part of the film, and probably my favorite part, was the wedding.  I loved the switching of the different ages of Henry.
  • Very interesting about the pregnancy.  Makes me wonder if Henry's mom had miscarriages, too.
  • What I enjoy most about time travel stories is that many times, there is a love story that heavily involves the concept of destiny.  These two were destined to be together, and I loved the romance of it all.  I had been watching the "Back to the Future" trilogy on DVD in the week leading up to seeing the movie, so destiny, or "Density" was already in my head.
  • The other part of Destiny, though, is that fundamental things can't be changed, no matter how Henry tried.  It was just heartbreaking when he told his father that he tried to stop his mom from getting into the car on the day of the fatal accident.
  • But in the end, the romance is the story.  The hopeless romantic in me was an absolute WRECK at the end of this movie.  Jenn tells me that the book will make me cry even more. (She handed me a tissue before the movie was even half over).  Looking forward to reading it...with a full tissue box nearby, of course. :)
Thanks for the great time, Jenn.  I'm glad that you found a new place to shop!

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