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Chicken Season?

Corps at the Crest - Oceanside
Friday, June 30, 2017
El Camino High School
Oceanside, CA

I stayed in a hotel near Disneyland the previous night because I attended a beer dinner.  When I arrived home, I saw shopping carts with stuff in them, which looked like they belonged to a homeless person.  I called the police, and they said that they could only tag it and would take it away after 72 hours.  The police arrived later and I saw them talking to a person to whom I think the stuff belonged.  But the guy didn't take his stuff when his friend came over to talk to him.  Dude, take your freaking stuff away!  I was really uncomfortable leaving my house, knowing that I wouldn't be home until the next day, and especially didn't want to see the guy throwing luggage into the back of Bro's car.  Bro and V arrived, but the guy had left by the time we walked to Los Gueros for lunch.  Mmmm...guacamole made to order!  Afterward, we packed up the car and headed for my parents' house.

At my parents' house, we visited for a bit with the niece and nephew before heading out again.  I thought Bro told me that we'd pick up Rudy at 4:30, so I texted Rudy that time.  I was ready by 3:30 anyway, and Bro said it was time to go.  "It will take us an hour to get to Rudy's house?"  I asked.  Bro looked at me funny (as usual), and said it would only take about 20 minutes.  Oops.  I texted Rudy to tell him that we'd be there at 4:00. He didn't answer.  I finally called him after a bit to tell him.  No answer, but he called back and I told him we'd be there at 4:00.  "I thought you said 4:30," he said.  Well, yeah, I messed up.  Sorry!  Lucky for all of us, Rudy was ready and we arrived at the high school in time to shop briefly and get hot dogs and use the facilities before the show started.  I bought a shirt from PC that says "West Coast" with a bear and compass on it, symbolizing their 2017 show.  Bro and I guessed which show Rudy would like the most without spoiling it for him.  I said, "The intense show that made the guy exhale loudly behind us the other night."  Bro said, "The one with stuff on the floor."  If you've been following my posts this season, you might understand that. 

The Star-Spangled Banner was sung a cappella by Kim Lovett.  Nice job, although I think the key may have been too low for her.

Our seats were in Section C, Row R, Seats 10-12, second row from the top, a little bit to the right of the 50-yard line.

Repertoire: "La Belle Du Bal" -- Danse Bacchanale by C. Saint-SaĆ«ns, Minuet in G by J.S. Bach, The Girl With The Flaxen Hair by C. Debussy, Chandelier by Sia, & original compositions and arrangements by T. T. Nguyen

The masks are back!  The corps' masks are on their shako now, though, and not obstructing their faces or their vision.  I like their blue double flags with the little sparkle.  I also like all of the bowing. "Chandelier" was very nice.  The drum major was fun to watch because he was so animated.  Nice dance solo, too.  I like this show.

Repertoire: "To Valhalla" -- Scene 1: The Ship; Scene 2: The Landing; Scene 3: The Battle; Scene 4: Valkyrie; Scene 5: To Valhalla -- all original music by H. Hutchins & P. Rendon

Caw CAW!!!  They carry shields and battle axes.  Nice drum feature.  They end in their "W" formation.  I think I need to see this show again to understand what's going on. Perhaps I should have read the program to see the scenes I listed above beforehand.

They did not have those mountains before.   Yay!  The guy that does the high toss caught his rifle this time.  I thought "Someday I'll Fly Away" was much better, but Bro still does not like the arrangement.  I'm just glad that they seem more confident with it and play it better.  Diamonds, finally!  They need to work on that music, though.  The drums are sparkly lie diamonds!  
Someday I'll Fly Away

Repertoire: "In the Beginning" -- Also Sprach Zarathustra by R. Strauss; Rite Of Spring by I. Stravinsky; Adagio (from Spartacus) by A. Khachaturian; Ritual Fire Dance by M. de Falla

Oh, the CG are Cave People!  I love that they chose the Strauss for this show, and it sure takes guts to do it with such a small group.  Very nice solo on the Khachaturian, a piece that I was humming the other day.  I feel like Impulse is getting smaller every year and it kinda makes me sad.  Maybe they should bring back more of the fun stuff to get people interested in joining again.

Repertoire:  "Grow" -- Movement 1: The Seed; Movement 2: The Spout; Movement 3: The Sapling; Movement 4: Maturity -- all original music by S. Director

That does not look like an acorn to me.  Maybe a hazelnut.  I like the double flags with the pink flowers.  One of the drummers dropped his stick, and the judge picked it up and put it back in the drummers' holster.  That was nice.  I don't think the show is finished yet.  Rudy: "Nothing grew."

While I was in line for the restroom, a girl in an SCV corps member jacket told me she liked my jersey.  I said, "Thank you!  I like your corps!"  She laughed and said thank you as well.  Ah, SCV love.


I didn't hear the yelling from inside the bags (or whatever they are) before, but now I realize that they are trying to get out from Inside The Ink.  Rifles did an awesome job.  Great flag unison in the last block formation!  MARIMBAS!!!!!

These flags are new

I mean, how?

Then we heard a recording from the speakers, saying that the fire alarm was set off and we needed to leave the building while they verified the situation.   It went on for a while and we were told to stay in our seats, since we weren't inside any building.  Luckily for all of us, a Velvet Knights alum in attendance works for the Oceanside Fire Dept and had the recording silenced. Thank you!

Well, now, what are all of THOSE things?  Ah, compasses!  Those look much better than that weird gold thing they had before.  Everything is much better: music, General Effect, everything.  I would like an "S" flag, please.  Nice effect with the sun's rays reaching the circle in front.  Nice "California Dreamin'" trumpet solo at the end.  The narration is unnecessary, though.  Also, it's too loud.

Yay, golden flags!

I have fun watching the lead color guard couple pas de deux during the sequence with the ropes.  They have a sign in front that shows "Duck Season" on one side and "Rabbit Season" on the other, and the bunnies and hunters fight over it.  A rubber chicken is thrown at one point, which I guess means that it's Duck Season.  Rudy giggled and giggled.  It's an entertaining show, but there is so much to see that it detracts from the music.   I need to listen more next time.  They said last year that the music always comes first, so I hope they aren't straying from that.
Rope Hearts

High Kick

Why is the announcer saying that the show is called "Metamorph"?  And why did he say that it was under the direction of David Gibbs?  He is confusing his program with that of the Blue Devils.  Go, tympani!  I like that theme because it's mysterious and builds and it's just cool.

Blue Knights Opening Piece with CG and DM on stand

I like the trade-off of brass runs near the end of the show.  It's weird to see the red displayed when they are wearing the white robes and raise their arms up in the air.  I don't like it.  Please make it stop, and give them some pants to wear!


YESSSSS!!!!!  I like when the bass drums are on the prop at center field and it is spun around.  Rudy was entirely flabbergasted by this show, and when I tried to talk about it with him later, he could not find words to describe it.  Yes, he liked it a lot.  He said that just mentioning the show made his jaw hurt from hitting the floor again.  
Solo Rifle Toss

Snake Flags

CG Duo on Prop


Open Class
5) 41.65 - Incognito
4) 43.60 - Impulse
3) 46.20 - Watchmen
2) 51.05 - Golden Empire
1) 52.15 - Gold

World Class
6) 61.80 - PC
5) 63.45 - Academy
4) 65.30 - Mandarins
3) 68.05 - Phregiment
2) 69.10 - BK
1) 72.60 - SCV

Bro and I were both right:  Rudy's favorite shows tonight were Mandarins (Bro's guess) and SCV (my guess).  Rudy is especially pleased with the way the Mandarins have grown since he first saw them.  And SCV?  He still couldn't find words and was worried that he wouldn't be able to sleep because he'd be thinking about it all night.

I'm glad that Rudy was able to join us!  We'll see him again on Sunday.

Before Rudy's Jaw Dropped on the Floor

Next up: Corps At The Rose Bowl - AKA Corps at the Crest

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