Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The 'Drum Corpse Bride' graveyard tour

Sharing this mostly for posterity, because I loved seeing the tombstone names as the season progressed.  Not seeing this show since August is one of the reasons my drum corps withdrawal runs deep.

The 'Drum Corpse Bride' graveyard tour: What were the names featured on the Academy's prop gravestones displayed during the corps' 2016 production, and what was their significance?

June 2016
August 2016


  1. It's difficult for me to make out some of the names in the photo from June, but the names were very clear in the August photo. I can see names of deceased but widely missed corps like Star of Indiana, Sky Ryders, and Bridgemen, along with the dates they were active or ceased operations. I can also see the names of famous people in the activity, such as Gail Royer and Al Moffatt and their dates of death. Mozart also makes an appearance. However, some of the other names might only be there because The Academy ran a fundraiser where people could donate money to the corps and get the name or names of someone who had died on the tombstones. One of the odd names is Bailey Farias. She shares a last name with a friend of mine and I thought she could be his sister. Nope. She's a keyboardist in The Academy and it seems she's very much alive.

    Now I wish I had donated money for this purpose, as both the corps I marched with, Anaheim Kingsmen and North Star, are defunct, at least as competitive junior corps, and could have been up there with the rest.

  2. And as soon as I typed the above, Michael Boo of DCI posted an article about it. Wait a bit before clicking on the link. There's malware on the page that needs to be removed.

  3. Better yet, view with another browser besides Firefox. Chrome is working fine for me.

  4. Actually, I posted based on Michael Boo's article. :) Glad you were able to view via Chrome. That's what I used.