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LA Comic Con 2016 - Day 1

Comikaze - Los Angeles Comic Con 2016
Day 1 - Friday, October 28

LA Comic Con, also known as Comikaze, is here!  I took a walk at my break time and headed over to the Convention Center to pick up my credentials.  Since it was still early in the day, there was no line, and I was out of there and back at work pretty quickly.  I don't know why the security guards wouldn't let us in the main door since there was absolutely no line and they were ready with the line stanchions, but whatevs.  On the way there and back, I spied a Batman and a Kylo Ren.

Friday is a shopping day only, as well as a day to gawk at the Cosplayers.  I don't normally take a picture of the Cosplay, but if I see Optimus Prime again tomorrow, I'll likely ask to take a picture of him.  They did have some lifesize models on display for photo ops, kinda.  They also had some famous cars from movies.


Those Iron Men Guys

Hulk Is Big

I went to the information booth to ask how the autograph sessions will work tomorrow because I pre-ordered a book and autograph.  Girl told me to download the app for the con, which received lower than average reviews from Android users.  Yeah, it probably would help more than she would. She also didn't know who I was talking about and proceeded to spell his name with a K instead of a C-a-r-e-y.  OK, maybe she doesn't know who he is, but it really didn't matter when she didn't even know where she actually was, judging from the direction she was pointing for me to go.  I wandered around aimlessly for about 2 minutes before giving up and going back to shopping until I found the Autograph redemption booth, clear on the opposite end of the floor.

I love seeing the artwork at the cons. There are a ton of talented artists out there, some of whom I follow on Instagram and were unfortunately at other cons across the country this weekend.   But I did get to go see J at SuperEmoFriends, because I've been wanting this one since he first posted.

I also found an artist new (to me), Mauricio Abril, and had a difficult time deciding on one piece, so I got 3 5x7s instead.  

Another one that I found had something really cute that I intend to give as a gift, but I might go back to him later this weekend for other stuff.  I received a sticker for spending a certain amount.   Wolverine is adorable!  Here he is juxtaposed with the cool artist business cards that I collected from my favorites. 

Remember my baby vampire, Vamplet?  She came with a bottle that had red liquid which seemed to disappear when the bottle was tilted.  Anyway, her artist was there and she has a book and other plush there.  She didn't have a card, but I was allowed to take a picture of her work.  I'm debating whether or not I want to buy anything, though.

The one artist that saved me money was Sean Danconia.  He had a piece that included Hello Kitty Gloomy Bear and I really wanted to buy a copy, but he only had Artist Proofs and they were large.  He offered to sell it to me at half price, but I couldn't justify getting it because I wouldn't have the wall space and a piece that big would stand out and totally not match my decor.  But look at it!  

I had asked a co-worker if she'd like me to look for anything for her since she was sadly not able to attend this year.  She asked me to look for Ash from Army of Darkness. I have no idea who that is, but I found him!  Right next to a new Ariel Funko Pop that had just been released this week.  Well, of course I got both of them, don't be silly.  I also bought the Hot Topic Exclusive Ariel which looks like this new one but is sparkly.  She also has a keychain version.  Yup. Got that, too.  Also, they had a Gudetama which is my new silly obsession.  I mean it's an egg.  It's lazy.  I love him.  I got in line to spin the wheel and received a Hot Topic sticker.
Pop! -o-rama

After going to the Autograph booth to get ACTUAL information about tomorrow's autograph session, I walked back to the office. Oy.  That walk hurt because my feet were already aching.  I don't know how much it's going to hurt tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Next up:  Day 2

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