Sunday, July 10, 2016

Max = Gidget's MoonDoggie

My friends and I saw "The Secret Life of Pets" today.

There was a short prior to the movie, titled "Minion Mowers".
  • Heart tattoo!
  • I love that this is all because they want to get a blender for their banaNA.
As for Max and his friends:
  • The opening aerial views made me kind of dizzy, although it was lovely to see New York from that vantage point.
  • Duke reminded me of Chewbacca.  I keep wanting to call him "Chewie".
  • Perhaps I should have pre-screened this so that I could warn Cindy that there were snakes in this movie.  Sorry, Cindy.  "Snake Bite! Snake Bite!"
  • Loved seeing the poster for the Hitchcock's "The Birds" in Sweetpea's apartment.
  • Also liked the promotion of Illumination's next flick, "Sing" on the bus.
  • I think my favorite pet was Chloe, even though she's a cat and made fun of dogs.  I just loved her sarcasm.  "OK, so the short cut was death."
  • Gidget is a close second, though.  She's a badass when it comes to protecting her future boyfriend.
  • I love that they got high on sausages.  "We Go Together" was bonus fun.
  • I'm horrible.  As soon as I saw that Duke's former owner was an older gentleman, I thought, "He's dead."  This is what happens when characters die in a lot of the animated movies that I watch; I just assume it's going to happen.  
  • Linda and I both recognized that the part with Max and Duke stuck in the van and Max walking on the shattered glass was an homage to "Jurassic Park: Lost World".
  • The Flushed Pets.  I get it.  But how is that bunny, that lives in the sewers, so pristine white?
  • See what happens when you abandon your pets?  They become a gang and try to destroy humanity.  Be kind to animals!
  • Hi, Joe!!!
This was a fun movie, but not the greatest.  I would like to see it again to check out the details in the sewer and on Tattoo's skin, as well as to laugh again.  

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