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Encore! Encore! Encore!

DCI on the So Cal Coast
Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Oxnard High School
Oxnard, CA

I met up with Bro and the family at his house in the afternoon.  It was hot.  Way hot.  Especially because I was wearing leggings and it was 95 degrees outside.  But I knew we were going to Oxnard, which is by the beach, and it would be much cooler there.  We had lunch at The Habit, and I ordered a strawberry chicken salad.  The gal said that they don't have it.  I pointed to the ad on the stand outside, and told her about it.  She looked at her register again and found the button and apologized, saying that the button wasn't there yesterday.  OK.  We ate outside and enjoyed the cool breeze.  The salad was very good; the only thing that would have made it better would be some candied walnuts or candied pecans on top.  

At Oxnard High School, spectators were parked in the same lot as the equipment trailers.  We parked near the Blue Knights trailer and Bro showed Olivia that there was a place for everything inside, as we could see from the outside.  We shopped the souvie trailers briefly before entering the stadium.  At first, Bro chose seats on the top row and had to scrape off bird droppings with his shoe.  But it was a little windy up there, and V found seats for us next to the press box that were blocked from the wind, so we moved there.  

We had a while to wait so I decided to go shopping.  The Blue Devils' drumline had to go through the same gate as the spectators, so I needed to wait for a little while for them to pass.  I still couldn't decide on what BD garb to purchase, but saw that last year's Ladies' polo was on sale at the Blue Knights stand.  So I bought that and talked to the cashier for a little bit, telling him that BK's show is beautiful, at least from what I've seen.  He said that they had 2 free days and are now about 75% done with the show.  He said that he was hoping that they would work on the show the next day since they don't have to perform.  I asked if he thought they'd be done before they left Southern California, but he was just hoping that they'd be done before their home show, Drums Along the Rockies.

When I returned to my seat, Bro informed me that tonight would not be a competitive show; instead, the corps would play for each other, without any judges present.  Cool!

The Star-Spangled Banner was performed by the Royal Cavaliers, a local performing arts organization.  They also played the Universal Studios theme, a US Armed Forces medley, and "Uptown Funk".  
Royal Cavaliers

The Madison Scouts started to go to their seats in the bleachers, and all I could think of was how dirty the seats were and that their white pants would not be white once they took the field.  They stood around for a bit and then the Blue Devils joined them.  It was cool to see them sitting interspersed with each other.

The drumline warmed up while facing the stands, then the hornline did the same.  The corps in the stands loved it.  Then they performed their show.  The drum majors do these big arm movements at the beginning to conduct instead of the ordinary stance.  We saw that there was a flower pattern on the back of one of the mirrors.  So maybe Bro WASN'T seeing a reflection when he saw red on one of them in Stanford.  Their show is a little more fleshed out, but still stopped at the same time as earlier in the week.  Afterward, the pit played an ensemble piece.  Then they all played something that I thought was part of their show, but probably not.  They then played "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" and the crowd went bananas.  I loved seeing BD and the Scouts get all into it along with all of us.  Drum Corps Love!
BK Drumline warmup

And then Sherry's camera died and sadness happened.  I'm glad that we have these things called smart phones with cameras in them.

They performed their show, and the horns were LOUD, which pleased the other corps members greatly.  The solos and duet were much better today, as was the color guard.  The CG was missing a disciple.  They played "California Dreamin'" for their encore, as well as a song by a smaller ensemble before playing the last part of "Judas".  They then played "You'll Never Walk Alone".

"You'll Never Walk Alone"

The drums and horns warmed up simultaneously in front of the stands.  Hey, that's Shakespeare's face on the back of the CG shirts!  I never noticed that before.  Bro says he knows that they've had them, but hadn't seen them on the field until tonight.  I never noticed the smaller waves done by 6 or 7 people at a time.  They were kicking up a lot of dust in the backfield.  Afterward, the pit played a piece, and then they all played "Channel One Suite", which jammed.
BD Drums Warmup

I really liked watching the show along with the other corps!  They rarely get a chance to watch each other, so I'm sure they liked it, too.

On the way home, Bro asked the kids to choose their favorite show from the evening.  Brady's favorite was the Blue Knights.  Olivia's was the Blue Devils.  That was a good show to watch with the kids because there were only 3 corps present, so they didn't get restless too soon.  It did start late for a weeknight, though:  8:00 p.m., so I didn't get home until 11:30.

Thank you for a fun time, Family of Mine!

D'Saints Selfie

Next up:  Corps at the Crest - Oceanside

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