Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sing It On 1.8

Sing It On
Season 1, Episode 8
Season Finale

  • The Nor'Easters are still mourning their loss of Kevin.
  • All Night Yahtzee is gearing up for the Wild Card video submission.
  • No Comment's video is their version of "Bang Bang".  I feel like I'll never hear this song again without thinking of Sing It On.
  • Nor'Easters decide that the show must go on, and submit their rendition of "Elastic Heart".  
  • A.N.Y. pushes themselves to meet the deadline, and the audio file is lost on their best take, so they just submit their first one.
  • Nor'Easters wins the wild card, by a lot of points.  They get to go to finals.
  • Nor'Easters pull the last performance slot, and Samantha is convinced that Kevin worked it from heaven.
  • GMen set the bar really high with their alien-like sound.
  • SoCal Vocals rock "Bang Bang" during their set.
  • Voices In Your Head's solo has a soloist with an amazing vocal range.
  • Vassar Devils sound great and seem to make Nor'Easters nervous because they've beaten each other previously this season.
  • Faux Paz makes the judge smile.
  • VirtuOSO does "Uptown Funk", which is kinda too choral-like for me, despite the vocal percussion.
  • All the King's Men sings "Proud Mary" and they don't sound British at all.
  • Nor'Easters have Kevin with them in their hearts, dedicating their set to him, and saving a space on stage for him.  They sound awesome.  
  • John Legend sends a video to encourage everyone.  He was in an a capella group in college.
  • 3rd place:  G Men
  • 2nd place: Voices In Your Head
  • 1st place: SoCal Vocals  -- Congratulations! (See this is why they need to follow the California groups next season if they have one).
  • The ICCAs end with all of the groups singing "Sing A Song".
Well, that was fun, but not my favorite reality show.  I think that it had to do with the really strong personalities of the leaders, mostly those of the annoying leaders.  Oy.  Their speaking voices were grating to me.  I guess it wouldn't be as good TV if they were more mellow, but I just wasn't as into it as I would have liked to be.  I would have liked to hear more actual singing, like entire sets.  But that's because I'm more of a music fan than a reality show fan, I guess.

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