Saturday, April 4, 2015

Have Courage and Be Kind

Liz and I met up at Disneyland on my day off the other day.  I love that Liz is retired and can be spontaneous with me!  After doing our Easter EGGStravaganza at Disneyland, we decided to see "Cinderella" in Downtown Disney.

  • Liz informed me that Cinderella and one of her sisters are in "Downton Abbey".  Ohhh, that's why they looked so familiar!
  • I really like that she and Kit met before the ball, like in the "Ever After" version.
  • I do not remember lizards being the footmen.  Where was Bruno?
  • Love, love, love the blue of her dress!  Gorgeous!  I liked the papillon details on her dress, too.
  • All of the colors at the ball were vibrant and lovely.  Well, except for the style of the stepsisters' dresses.
  • I also love the moment when the coach door opens, and she peers out.  What a beautiful shot!
  • "I can't drive!  I'm a goose."
  • Those were a LOT of stairs for her to run.  I would have probably lost both of my shoes.
  • I cried about 4 times.
  • If they had included "So This Is Love" anywhere in the film or the credits, I might have bought the soundtrack. 
  • Lavender's Blue, though!  Sigh.
I thought the movie was well done.  So very fairy tale.  Yay!

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