Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Today was a sad day in PellaPusher land.

George announced that he had just finished his last show with Rockapella last night. 

12 years.  He's been with the group for 12 years, and this is the way he says goodbye.  By Facebook post.  He says that he's going to concentrate on his new job with the banking industry, and he'll be continuing with his other projects, like producing Penguin Entertainment and all that goes with that.  He says he's not done.

Well, I certainly hope he's not done singing, because his voice is still sublime, and he's still at the top of his game.  But what if he is?  If he's given up his gift to be a banker, that's a shame.  (I'm trying not to curse right now, and that's difficult for me because of the way I'm feeling and the fact that I have a little bit of alcohol in my system, and I can curse up a storm even when I'm not emotional).  Someone with his talent, with a gig that any vocalist would quit their day job for, to become...a banker?  I know I shouldn't dis people's dreams.  But when he's told us that he knows he has a gift to share and he's sharing it (not even a year ago), what changed?  I have something in my mind about that, but I won't go there in any public forums.

But what really pisses me off is that, the night that JKB had his last show with Rockapella in California, Geo hinted at having someone to replace him.  I asked him not to make us hysterical because we were already traumatized, but I also recall asking him again at The Coach House what he meant by all that.  He said it was just that he hadn't missed a show in over 10 years, but he did have a replacement to sub for him in case he can't be there, because you can't have an a cappella group like Rockapella without a bass.  So when I read the news today, I felt betrayed.  I felt like he lied to me, and had this in his mind all along.

But you know, maybe he didn't.  Maybe something more urgent came up, like needing to pay for his daughter's college tuition.  OK, I get that.  Just because I'm not a parent doesn't mean I'm immune to the fact that people need to take care of their kids.

So let's go back to why I'm angry.  It's part of my grieving process, so bear with me.  No, I was not expecting him to send me a personal message that he's leaving the band.  I also completely understand him not wanting a big send-off because he told me how emotional he was at JKB's last show, so maybe he knew he wouldn't be able to handle such a public farewell.  But at the same time, I feel like he owed it to the fans.  Many fans of the old school Rockapella left when the original members were gone.  Geo brought a brand new sound to the group, which made some purists leave.  The rest of us, though?  We stayed.  We brought friends to build a new fan base.  We hung in there through a HUGE change and came to love him.  How are we treated for this undying loyalty?  A post on Facebook after the fact.

We deserved better.

Soon, I'll post a really nice goodbye.  I'll post my favorite pictures with him.  I'll share happy memories.  But I have this process that I need to go through first, OK?

I need to wipe all these tears away before I go to bed.  Good night, all.


  1. It's like being broken up with via text. Or finding out someone broke up with you because they changed their relationship status.

    Ever since Kevin left, I keep wondering how y'all are able to do this, say goodbye to people you've gotten to know and love, over and over again. It's been difficult enough for me with Kevin and John, and I've only been doing this for a few years.

    Yeah, it's hard not to think about his comment that night.

    Note to self - ask for more info when we're not on a public forum.

  2. "It's like being broken up with via text. Or finding out someone broke up with you because they changed their relationship status."

    Ok, so I'm a few days late. I saw comments on Twitter and I went cyber-stalking to try to figure out if this is what y'all were talking about. There was NOTHING online in any public places.

    I just wanted to post to validate your feelings, S. If I were you, I'd totally feel betrayed. Yes, when you're in an industry like this, I DO think you owe something to your loyal fans - because they're not just your fans but your customers. It does seem like a wimpy way to break up.

    It's like the thing I sometimes I have to say to my children: Man. Up.

  3. Yes, Cindy and Perky Mommy. that's the betrayal I feel.

    as for the announcement, it was only done by Geo on his FB account. I'm still waiting for Rockapella to announce this on their different outlets. i find that quite curious, actually.

    Perhaps they are waiting until the contract with the new bass is signed.

    As for how I deal with this time after time: I'm usually prepared due to getting advand notice, so the grieving starts early, and the acceptance stage is easier. This way, not so much. it just really hurts. But ultimately, I just remember that at least my band still exists and performs and hasn't lost its mojo.