Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day, Everyone!

I usually spend the 4th of July watching fireworks at Disneyland. Well, that is, once I learned how to get around all of the evil mylar Minnie balloons, I would usually spend the 4th of July watching fireworks at Disneyland.

Last year, though, my favorite drum corps were playing at the Rose Bowl, so I was there with the Bro, V, Rudy and Jeff to witness Brady's 1st drum corps spectator event. That was cool because of the drum corps, but the fireworks were NOTHING compared to those at Disneyland. Perhaps if they had the corps playing patriotic music during the fireworks show, I would have liked it better.

This year, though, I've decided to stay home because I need the rest. I was able to see the patriotic fireworks at Disneyland a day early, and they were, indeed, AWESOME. Today I've watched a summer movie, "JAWS," and am currently watching "Crimson Tide." I absolutely LOVE the score to this movie, especially the arrangements of "Eternal Father."

It's been a good musical day, actually. I couldn't turn off "JAWS" until I heard the song "Show me the way to go home." Then in church tonight, Jerry was talking about how two of the songs we'd be singing, "Amazing Grace" and "As Grains of Wheat" could be woven together due to their similar styles. I mentioned that "Appalachian Spring," more commonly known as "Simple Gifts," could be in there, too. So what did Jerry do? After we sang "Amazing Grace," he had some time left to play, and threw in an arrangement of "Appalachian Spring." He's awesome. I'm always amazed by musical composition and improvisation, so I just smiled to myself. He also did a little bit of it before "As Grains of Wheat." I'm just blessed by having wonderful music around me.

Speaking of wonderful music, Independence Day always brings out all of the patriotic marches and the wonderful songs we Americans love to sing when wearing our national pride. My favorite march is "Stars and Stripes Forever," and thanks to Adrienne, I have this rendition to share with you.

My favorite of all to sing, though, is "The Star-Spangled Banner." This link is of my favorite band singing our national anthem. That final chord is just spectacular!

Happy Independence Day to all of my fellow Americans. Long may our banner wave.

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