Sunday, May 8, 2016

Cap vs. FE Dude

My friends and I had tickets to see "Captain America: Civil War" at the El Capitan on Thursday night.  It was also Cinco de Mayo.  I didn't want to go home after work and drive back to Hollywood, so my co-worker and I spent time at a nearby Mexican restaurant to drink margaritas and eat food.  Not that I hadn't already had enough food earlier that day at lunch.  Still tipsy from my margarita, I took the Metro Red Line to Hollywood & Highland and shopped around until one of my friends showed up.  

We saw that the line was forming for our show outside the theater.  He said that he received an email from the theater stating at the movie would start on time.  If this was anything like "The Force Awakens", we knew that wasn't true.  Yeah, it wasn't.  They gave us raffle tickets and told those whom had ordered comic books would need to pick them up after the show.  Never mind that we were there quite early and could have been in line for comic books and still make it to the show on time.  But whatevs.

Not all of us had seats together, so Mox and I made faces at the people that had "our" seats before we sat down in our row.  We listened to the organist and I was excited to hear "Also Sprach Zarathustra".   We saw trailers, and the most excitement was for "Finding Dory" and "Doctor Strange".  Then the movie!!!

  • Spidey!  Soooo excited to see him, and I'm liking the reboot because he's so young and mouthy, as Spidey is supposed to be.
  • "Underoos!"
  • Ant-Man!  BIG!  Big, giant Ant-Man.  Oh, he's called "GiAnt-Man"?  Wow.  I love how excited he was to meet Cap.
  • Their battles were cool and heartbreaking at the same time.  Like, I didn't want them to fight each other, but I did want to see who would win.
  • "That shield doesn't belong to you.  You don't deserve it!  My father made that shield."  <Sherry's heart breaks>
  • Who is this Black Panther guy?  I mean, I know NOW, but I'm not a comics person, so I had only heard about him when fans got excited that he would be included in the movie.
  • "So you like cats?"
  • I think that Pepper needs to be more understanding about this whole "Iron Man" thing, but maybe I'm just selfish because I want to see more Iron Man movies.
  • "I've never actually...eaten anything."
  • Compelling arguments on both sides regarding regulating the Avengers or not, but I did like that they addressed all of the destruction and fatalities that occur when they are in action.
  • "I can do this all day."
  • Cap vs. Helicopter.  Dude is strong!
  • "I'm not thanking that thing."
  • Ant-Man on Hawkeye's arrow.  Love the teamwork.
  • Funny to see Tony Stark and Aunt May in the same room, given their portrayers' past relationship / films.
  • "Can you move your seat up?"
  • "Stank".  <giggle>
  • "You know in that really old movie 'Empire Strikes Back'...when they're on that snow planet?"
  • "Queens!"  "Brooklyn!"
  • "That thing doesn't obey the laws of physics at all!"
  • "Manchurian Candidate, you're killing me."
  • Loved the credits with the shadows of the characters.
Great movie!  I'm looking forward to seeing it again if I get the chance.

After looking at stuff downstairs, we got in line for the comic books.  Due to the late movie start and the very slow-moving comic book line, I didn't get to bed until 3:30 a.m.  Oy.  But it was totally worth it.  

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