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DCI Semi-Finals
August 7, 2009
Lucas Oil Stadium -- Indianapolis, IN

We stayed in the hotel this morning, only leaving to go back to the neighboring hotel's cafe again so that Bro could get another one of their Reuben sandwiches. He loves those things. I had a sandwich that had chicken cordon bleu, but it was hastily put together, and I wasn't that thrilled with it, although the chicken was cooked well. I won't be ordering this tomorrow.

We walked over to the stadium and made our way to the DCI Marketplace to check out the souvie trailers that we didn't have time to look at the day before. We didn't buy anything, but did get a copy of the Show Day Scorecard for the day. We saw that the Colts Pro Shop was open, but didn't have time to figure out how to get inside, so we made our way to the concessions stand. Due to yesterday's debacle, Bro decided to get his food ahead of time and just eat whenever, in order to avoid the long lines. He asked for a straw, and the guy said that there were none anywhere in the stadium. This, of course, has led to us plotting on bringing straws next year for ourselves, and perhaps some extras for everyone around us. Then he used the dispenser to put mustard on his hot dog and it came pouring out way too much. For some reason, I did the same thing with the other dispenser. I don't know why I didn't learn from Bro's experience. So we have to bring our own condiments, too. Oh, and caps for our bottled drinks.

We went to our seats, which were on the left 10 on the second tier. So today we would see more faces. It turns out that the sound was much better from these seats, since it didn't get lost and bounced off of stuff by the time it reached our ears.

The Star-Spangled Banner was sung a cappella by Staff Sergeant Wright of the US Army. His singing was beautiful, and it brought a tear to my eye.

The top 12 corps (marked with *) advance to Finals.

Spirit -- 80.45
Their lead soprano started the warm-up with a screaming solo, and the others started to play whatever, much like a concertmaster leading an orchestra's tuning. I take back what I wrote yesterday about Spirit. You *can* hear the harmonies that I'm used to hearing with Kansas. I guess that it was just so muddled by the time that it got to the top tier that I couldn't hear any of it. I like the silent drill with the color guard, but I wish they had done more with it. Like included the corps marching around, or done more fancy stuff with the flags.

Spirit concertgoers behind barricade

Crossmen -- 81.65
It was cool how the drum major ended her salute simultaneous with a little "ding!" from somebody in the pit. Their capes are just way cool. I like the mello solo, as well as the screaming sop solo at the point that they are in what I called the Bat formation, and the soprano is at the center point. I also like how the one gal caught her sabre while bent over backwards, touching the field with her other hand. Wow! At the end of the show, the corps marched off, and the dude was still drinking from the gal, and then finally carried her off of the field. Cool.

Madison Scouts -- 82.4
Bro ate his hot dog during this show, because he doesn't really like it. So even though he was seated, this was his Hot Dog Corps this year. I really liked the Malaga: great job with all of that triple-tonguing! Boston could use those snake flags for their Temptation show. The DM opens his jacket at the end of the show, revealing the superhero's lightning bolt.

Scary in Red Death Robes

The Academy -- 83.75
Thanks for hurting my ears, Academy! I was waiting for that. Great blast in the opening number, especially from the high brass. That's a big, full chord there at the end. Nice.

Colts -- 85.60
The seagull sound played, and I thought, "Scuttle!" I like the SOS tones, although I could have done without the synthesizer part. The horns were enough to exemplify that. I didn't remember the big sailboat sail or the fish flags from last night. I must have been spacing out at that time.

So, I just have to show you that the Bro and I are Vanguard fans, all the way down to our toes.
Santos Vanguard Feet

Troopers -- 85.90*
I've decided that if the Troop ever drastically changes their uniforms, I'm going to completely freak out. Before the show today, I had been trying to remember which corps I liked with the soprano ensemble that did the unison screaming solo. Bro told me it was the Troopers. He was right. They rocked all of this show. Go, Troop, and Congratulations on making it to Finals! The guy next to me (not Bro) and I were, like, "FINALLY!"

Blue Knights -- 87.55*
I need a ski vest. Bro needs ear warmers. It's cold in here. Whenever I hear the announcer say the title of this show, I think he says "Sugar." It's "Shiver." I'm deaf AND forgetful. Several CG members were sitting out on the sidelines. Don't know if they're all alternates, or if BK has been hit with the illness that almost all of the corps have been getting. Does the BK audition include the knee pop? Just wondering. Bro said that the drum judges on the field will never learn to stay out of the middle of the BK drumline at crucial parts of movement during their shows. They get stuck every year. The drum major was so excited at the end that he was jumping up & down while conducting.

Glassmen -- 87.95*
Oh, those aren't scratch marks on their pants: they're little triangles. Their plumes are tall. The show starts with a single snare, which makes sense with the "One" theme. Bro thinks it would be cool if the whole audience motioned #1 with their index finger at the same time that the corps does at the end of the show.

Blue Stars -- 90.4*
They stand on chairs, too! A little boy in the box seats above us kept repeating, "BLUE STARS!" It was too cute. I like that the show starts with the battery, making it sound like a sewing machine factory. I also like the integration of the Old 100th Psalm with the battle music. Pretty colors of flags at the end.

The drum majors from the Open Class corps competing in Finals tomorrow were introduced. I ate my hot dog. It wasn't yummy, and I don't think it would have been if it was hot. So no more hot dogs from there. The people in front of us, Blue Stars parents/fans, were complimented by the people next to them, whom are Phregiment parents/fans. The Stars fans said, "Thanks. No offense, but we hope we kick your ass today." Friendly-like, but's not a nice way to talk to the defending champions, no matter how far away they are from this year's title.

Boston Crusaders --91.2*
Bro asked me if the CG gals were just wearing Sports Bras. Seems like it. They're supposed to be sexy anyway. I like the way they brushed their hair back as they were waiting for their sabres to fall. You know, they use flags with eyes on them. So did Madison. Madison had the snake flags that would with this show. What a weird coincidence. Bro said it wasn't a coincidence at all. Whatever. OK, so actually, the contra players ARE playing at the same time that they are carrying the CG gals. Whoa. Oh, and the CG guys were carrying horn players while they were playing during the Bacchanale. More Whoa. I need to clap during that part. APPARENTLY, we're supposed to. So, as you see from the score, it really doesn't matter how Phreg did. BCru kicked the BStars' butts anyway. They really did bring it.

Bitten Apple

Phregiment -- 90.65*
So I guess the BStars didn't get their wish, although Phregiment does need to keep it up for tomorrow. The opening dude does not play the violin very well. I told Bro that he needed to go down to the field and play instead. Then the CG lead gal DROPPED the violin. Ugh. Thank goodness the CG guy didn't do so when he did his throw. Beautiful soprano solo. I really like that music.
Flags with Violin Portion on them

Bluecoats -- 93.55*
So they have that "idea" flag, the "big" flag to add to it, and a "ger" flag to add to that. Necessary? No. Here's my bigger idea: leave it to our imaginations. I like seeing the jacket-less horn players kick the jacketed horn players from the back of their knees. It was just cool-looking, like "take off your jacket, fool!" Bloo is all alone in the world with their score. Nobody can touch them, and they can't touch those higher than them.

Santa Clara Vanguard -- 95.9*
They got a nice standing ovation during their company front. The only corps of the night to receive one before the end of their show.

Martha at Show End

Cavaliers -- 96.05*
Hey, dude. You've got something on your butt. OK, it's the rope pulling the climber. It still looked like it was on his butt. It looked like the judge was running after the climber to arrest him or something after he climbed all over everybody.

Climbing Over Cavaliers Corps

Holy Name Cadets -- 97.2*
Bright yellows are in this year. Run, judge, RUN!!! They havea lot of company fronts, but they run to them instead of march. This is not as effectual to me as a slow-moving/slow-forming one. Bro said it's because they have to do 75 company fronts to commemorate the big anniversary year, so they don't have time to be slow.

Cadets Take The Field

Carolina Crown -- 97.55*
So, I'm sitting there trying to convince Bro that the CG guy is Peter Pan, and then the little 10-year-old girl next to him says the same thing to her dad. I TOLD you!!! I like the transition chord of "Somewhere" leading into "Over the Rainbow". Bro wants me to remember that there was more green than black in the sash of the corps uniform before tonight. I just checked close-ups, and there is green in the sash.
Crown's Green Drums

Blue Devils -- 98.4*
OK, they *added* "Rhapsody in Blue* at the end. That was not there before. And, of course, it was gorgeous. Those drums are just pure, clean, and done.
BD Horns Laying Back on Chairs

The DCI Hall of Fame inductees were announced, and then the Individual & Ensemble winners were introduced. We also heard the sergeant sing the Star-Spangled Banner again, because it was way too good for any of the latecomers to miss, I guess. Then came the Age-Out ceremony. I was annoyed that they also invited the alumni to go on the field. They already had their ceremony! Let the kids have their own night! And then they didn't even list all the names like they used to. I think this year's graduating class was gypped. The evening ended with a member of the Bluecoats proposing to his girlfriend, also a member of the corps. She said yes.

Bro and I walked back across the street to our hotel and tried to get some sleep in preparation for the next day's full day of drum corps. It was difficult, though, because the nearby bar had some loud music. Go to sleep, you crazy kids, and stop all that racket!

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